Jan - Feb 2006 Feedback

Comments on Kobra...

Quote "He looks like Ken, but he's retarded... The battle for the worst MK design continues."

Oh come on, he doesn't look like Ken.  And that's insulting Ken by even saying that.

-Joe Blow

Frank replies: Riiiight. Here, enjoy this email below that I received from someone else. I liked his more than yours... so blow on this Mr. Joe.jk.

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Subject: A little extra info on Kobra, and wh
y he looks like Ken...

Yes, Kobra does in fact look like both Ken Masters and Johnny Lawrence from the Karate Kid. But you wanna know why? Because he IS based off of them too. Especially ken. So much that in a German demo of Deception, Kobra's name was actually Ken Masters! Another name of was Ben at the time.
So yes, Kobra is a 100% rip off of Ken Masters, with a little Johnny Lawrence in him.

If only you had the rating system still up. Then I would love to see you give his dumbass a zero.

-Kim Moon Soo.

P. S.:
Just because I felt like it, I even made some Kobra sprites, which surprisingly, is based off of Ken sprites.

.   .  

Frank replies: You made those sprites? Quite impressive indeed... Anyhow, I did not know of the German demo of Deception, that's interesting...

~TFG Webmaster

Double majoring...

Hello. I just wanted to say that your website is AMAZING. Ive played
fighting games all my life and its pretty much my favorite genre. I'm
going to be double majoring in videogame design and sequential art and
ive been drawing character designs all my life. By any chance can you
send me the profile for Setsuna? Ive been dying to draw a picture of
him and you probably have the best pictures for the job. Ive been
dying to see those pictures again and hes just a badass character.

-Christopher M.

Frank replies: A double major in videogame design? Woah hoo hooo... I wish I had that kind of dedication, but instead I just sit around, draw pictures and play fighting games (and teach martial arts).  Umm... but yeah, I'm even too lazy to send you Setsunas profile... you're lucky I'm even posting your feedback, which should serve as a reminder to everyone else that I don't have time to send anyone pictures. But since you were nice about it, I might throw you a cool Setsuna pic or two if I come across one in my database. Good luck with your studies... Cya dude. And thanks.

~TFG Webmaster

Good gaming...

I've been a frequent visitor of your site for some time now. Possibly 2
years, I dunno. This is the first e-mail I send you and it's about
nothing in particular. I wanted to remind you of a pretty cool 2D
fighting game that for some reason is missing in your site - Golden
Axe: The Duel. It's not any more obscure than plenty of the games you
have on your site, so I was just wondering why you haven't put it
there. It's got some pretty cool characters too!

Now for a completely unrelated and irrelevant topic, is it just me or does
Fuuma's outfit look like (Coca-Cola's) Santa Claus'? lol I think I could actually
like the character if I could get past that resemblance!

Now onto more serious stuff, do you have any info on Street Fighter 4?
I don't even know if it's been confirmed yet or if it's still just a rumor. My
favorite game is SFIII:3rd Strike and I'm not much of a 3D fighting
games' fan, so I'm kinda worried that they'll make it 3D when they
could develop from SF3 and just add a ****load of old and new
characters. I miss Sagat and Blanka. :( Speaking of Blanka, wouldn't he
fit perfectly in a Darkstalkers game? And speaking of that, wouldn't it
be awesome if Capcom made a new Darkstalkers game (with Blanka and
possibly Akuma... and maybe some others...) with SF3-like graphics and
animation? That would rule!

And I think a Darkstalkers/Red Earth game
could also be great. Just imagine it, 2 dimensions merge, villains
"unite" and all hell breaks loose. I'm just ranting now. I just
remembered I wanted to tell you I think you should consider redesigning
the layout of the site in the games characters sections, especially the
latter, to diminish the scrolling. Maybe with a table or something like
that? Just a thought. Well, that's all from me, for now. Goodbye and
good gaming. Keep up the good work.

-Ricardo P.

Frank replies: I do remember Golden Axe: The Duel... it was pretty fun for back then, since Golden Axe was one of my favorite games as a kid. Fuuma look like Santa Claus?? Now that you mention it....  And um, no info on SF4 yet. But as you said, if Capcom made SF4 as "SF3 and just add a ****load of old and new characters." I would even accept that from Capcom, because SF3 still rocks... Besides, Capcom has done way worse rehashing... and rehashing SF3 would not be a bad thing at all. And Darkstalkers VS Red Earth isn't a bad idea either; even the the animation would match quite well if they re-used any sprites... unlike the crap that was Capcom Fighting Evolution.

Redesign the layout in the Games section?  Maybe one day... but I think scrolling gives you appreciation for the vast number of games that are featured on the site.  Thanks for the mail... good mail is so sparse these days... as are intelligent people. Figures.

~TFG Webmaster

Final Fight: Streetwise

I know from your various commentaries on your website
that your a final fight fan. well i discovered that
for PS2 and x-box the new final fight game will be
released very soon. the trailer even shows haggar cody
and guy are in the game as well.


Frank replies:  As long as I can play as Guy, Cody, and Haggar, I'll be happy... Looks alright. And thanks for the vid.

*NOTE* You can also find some other cool vids on Youtube.com like KOF: Another Day Episodes, match videos, and even some fan made fighting game material... Just search around.

~TFG Webmaster

The other letters...

Hello, I have a question: Can you add the other letters l,m,n,o,p,q,r,s,t,u,v,w,x,y and z to the fighters generation website please?

Thank You!!!


Frank replies:  Yes I can...  all in due time. You're very welcome.

~TFG Webmaster



I was looking round the net for art of a certain character when the search
engine I used led me to your page, well the feedback page for the dates
written above (May -June).

It shown that someone (fighting prodigy or something?) was asking for
Bushido blade 2 entries of Katze and Tsubame. I know this sounds selfish but
I've been looking for art of Tsubame for a long time, as I've always been a
fan of her in the sequal (she looked better than in the original and wasting
my friends with her machine gun was always a laugh too!)

I guess what I'm trying to say is basically a reminder if you could put her
up in your characters section so I at least know somewhere I could find art
of her on the net. Its really hard to find any!

Sorry if you get this kind of mail a lot, but as I said its hard to find
really any Bushido Blade things so anything on a secret charcter like
Tsubame in the sequal is pretty rare.



Frank replies:  You dishonorable bastard...  But yes, it was a good laugh. And as soon as I come across some pics of her, I'll add her to the Characters library. So check back.

~TFG Webmaster

Q stands for Question...

Hi! Name´s Phi from Germany!

I got something interesting:
That´s Q from 3rd Strike:

And this guy´s from the Cartoon Justice League Unlimited and is called Q, too:

The Q stands for Question. He hides his face with a special gas, while Q
from 3rd Strike hides his face with a mask.They just look alike!
The hat, the outfit... just different colours.

Sorry, my English isn´t that good, I guess...
Hope you´ll put that in fightersgenerations!^^


-Phillip H.

Frank replies:  I'm not familiar with that show, so I never knew about the character... Interesting indeed. They're incredibly similar... yet another Separated at Birth I must add. Thanks for the mail.

~TFG Webmaster

KOF Anime vids...

YO man! 4 real, i love dis site. it had been way past time somebody gave credit 2 all these characters. mad props. i've been goin 2 dis site 4 awhile now and i must say i agree wit u on a lotta stuff. But i gotta question. I read ur Alba profile from KOF and noticed dat u mentioned da anime. can u PLEASE tell me, how u gotta hold of dat!? i can't even find KOF anime on ebay! is there a special site you go to for that or sumthin? ya gotta tell me! well. i'm a bounce. hit me back when u get dis.


Frank replies: You know what dude, just check out my MYSPACE profile and look under my friend comments... a few of them actually posted KOF: Another Day episodes... The link is HERE... And you might want to open it in a separate window. Lada.

~TFG Webmaster

Sort of a Long Letter...

Hi Frankie!

I've been a long time fan of your site. I stumbled on to it many years ago
when looking for inspiration for my own character design. Needless to say "I
found it" when I hit your characters section the first time. Before your
site I had only ever seen magazine articles about SNK games and played Fatal
Fury Special a bit on my SNES, I had never seen much of the character
designs etc., I was a purely CAPCOM boy. Now, however, I've developed a love
for SNK's design aesthetic and characterization. I recently (several months
ago) bought the KOF 2002/2003 double-pack for the PS2. It was the first time
I played a KOF game, and it's blown my mind away. I love the way it plays
and I love the way it looks. K' has become, easily, my favouritre character.
Granted I still love CAPCOM games; in fact, I still own my original SNES
Street Fighter II: The World Warriors cartridge.

Moving on; I'm glad to read that you're a Final Fight fan too. I've always
loved the side-scrolling beat 'em ups and Final Fight is, by far, the king
of that genre (SEGA's Bare Knuckle/Streets of Rage games and Jaleco's
Rushing Beat games(which got multiple titles stateside) are also great fun).
I was so psyched when I found out that the Street Fighter series had
officially been merged with the Final Fight series, and I think they've done
a relatively good job at deciding which characters get to make the leap,
especially with Rolento. I'm not too shabby with Rolento, but I'm betting
anyone could beat me anyways. I like the fact that they didn't only bring
the heroes over in to the SF series and they gave the bad guys a fair shot
too, ven bringing a "generic" bad guy in with Andore.

But, when I look at the characters they have brought over, I feel a desire
for more of them. I don't know why, but I really like the "upgrading"
process that characters who haven't been in a game in a while go through
when drafted in to a new game. And the street fighter universe is ripe with
characters to bring in to whatever the next SF game is after SFA# for the
PSP (Hopefully something on a bloody home console). There are plenty of
Final Fight characters they could bring in, then there are the Saturday
Night Slammasters and the rest of the cast of the original Street Fighter.

My top 10 personal choices for "updating" are:

1) Haggar, because he's the backbone of Final Fight and he would make for a
good opponent to Zangief

2) Dean, from Final Fight 3. He was my personal fave in that game. I liked
his design, even though it was a bit plain, and loved his electricity based
fighting style. I think they could really revamp him well.

3) Carlos, from Final Fight 2. Hey, Maki made it in and she was essentially
a female Guy. Also, other than A-ism (i think) Sodom in SFA3, there is no
Street Fighter sword-user. Might make for an interesting movest. Correct me
if I'm wrong.

4) Gunloc & Biff Slamkovich, from Saturday Night Slammasters. I know, I
know; "Thayre just a pair of wrestlers". But, in all honesty, I think that
they could make an interesting pair. Theyre sort of the Kne and Ryu of
Slammasters, being very simillar moveset-wise but looking different enough
to be seperate characters. The thing that makes me think they could be
viable is that they a) they have interesting looks for "generic" wrestlers,
b) Gunloc is said to have relations to guile and c) they are not the generic
fighting game wrestler. They are more lean than the typical
Zangief/Raiden/Haggar characters and I can see them being used as not only
brawlers with big moves, but as technical wrestlers with submission moves
and the like. I really don't think I've seen a single 2-D fighting game
wrestler use any form of submission. I have them as a pair because, well,
they needto be eachothers rivals.

5) Geki, from the original Street Fighter. Call me a sucker for Ninjas.
Plus, it would be fun to see a special intro between him and Vega (am I
correct if I say his japanese name is Balrog?).

6) Joe, from the original Street Fighter. I can't really say why, but the
character art gives him a cocky appeal that I like. Also, it called him a
kick-boxer, right? It might be interesting to give him a modern "american
kickboxing" style to counter the Muay Thai characters.

7) Lucia, from Final Fight 3. Hey, you can never have too many scantily clad
female fighters, eh?

8) The Great Oni, from Saturday Night Slammasters. I like him. He represents
a different style of wrestling, one that the Street Fighter world doesn't
have a representative of.

9) Retsu, from the first Street Fighter. I think he could be made to be
rather bad ass, as far as old monks go.

Well, that's 10 characters. Think my logic is sound? Think my choices are
horrible? Who would your top 10 be?

Now, I've got some more ground to cover. Sorry, this is going to get long.

1) On the topic of 2-D sidescrolling beat 'em ups, do you think there is ANY
place at all in today's market for them? What would have to be done to make
one worthwhile these days, other than for nostalgia's sake?

2) Battle Arena Toshinden: What do you think of this series? Personally, I
enjoy it. I like most of the character design and I still find the games
fun, if a little dated.

3) I've been watching KOF:Another Day fansubbed and I'm really liking what
they've done in an animated format. Makes me hope for more. Have you had a
chance to watch this yet? What do you think of it? and, is there any chance
of the Maximum Impact characters ever appearing in the mainline 2-D KOF
games? would you enjoy it if they did?

4) Why, in your opinion, do the story sequences get mostly edited out of the
US releases of fighting games?

Well, that's all I got for now. Sorry it's gotten so long, hope I didn't
bore you too much. Thanks for keeping this awesome website up and running.
Have a nice day!


Frank replies: That's really cool you found a love for King of Fighters after you started with KOF2002/2003... that's a great package. The KOF series has a lot to offer as you can tell! And yeah, Capcom's decision to bring Final Fight characters to the  Street Fighter universe had always inspired me, and they did a marvelous job translating them to Capcom's trademark series. Upgrading and adding more Final Fight characters to Street Fighter... or perhaps Saturday Night Slammasters characters? Why not? We can dream, but Capcom seems to be busy with other things these days. Heh.. Dean from Final Fight 3 was also a favorite of mine, and if Capcom updated him, you know he'd come out hella cool. ;) Umm, the updates you mentioned are good... I could imagine some of them with good potential to be developed/updated.

1) 2D Sidescrolling beat-em-ups? It seems like that sort of game fell off the face of the earth... but I think you'll start see a trend with packages, such as a Capcom Classics Collection or perhaps an attachment to a 2D fighter... such as in Guilty Gear: Judgment for PSP. Perhaps that will give you what you're looking for out of a "new" 2D sidescroller, and it might be all you have to work with for a while. Check it out when it comes out at least...

2) You know, I kinda liked Battle Arena Toshinden for a while... I played 1 and 3, not 2... 3 had a lot of characters, but images and info for them are quite hard to find... and I don't own the games, so I can't even use the manuals. Again, if anyone ever stumbles upon that sort of stuff, I'll put up character profiles and game profiles of course. There's always room for TFG to grow. I just haven't the time these days!!!

3) I have checked out a few episodes from KOF: Another Day, and I'm loving it so far... The style is great, and the animation and fighting are nicely done. I actually think KOF: Maximum Impact characters would look BETTER in 2D!!! They look better in comic form, so naturally they'd fit in better with 2D graphics and artwork. KOF: Maximum Impact just made them look funny for the most part... ;/

4) Because Americans don't care about the stories as much... and they suck, so they don't deserve the real stories anyway. Hahaha... Actually, more and more translation is becoming available for many Japanese based fighting games, you I'm sure you'll see more and more as time passes.

Thanks for the interesting mail James, take it easy.

~TFG Webmaster

SFA3: Max Review...

"And I'll be looking for competition. So what do I always say? Practice up... bitches."

Lemme see you on my streets Frankie and i'll.......probably stop and say "HI", but then you're mine. bring any character you want, and  i'll bring the SHUN-GOKU-SATSU!


Frank replies: Hehehe... Awesome. My A-ism R. Mika is always down for some rasslin.

~TFG Webmaster

Jinpachi Sketch...

I was searching through your characters page and I noticed that you had my Jinpachi Sketch posted. Thats pretty cool... caught me by surprise. I have some fan art of M. bison and Charlie you can use and if like. HERE is the link.

-Allen C.

Frank replies: YOUR Jinpachi sketch? I honestly thought that was an official sketch for a while... ;D Thanks for letting me use it on the site. I like your other sketches as well! You've got some talent for sure. Your Bison and Charlie are great!

~TFG Webmaster