"Best of 2004" Feedback

Two Fanarts. . .

Hi! I made two fanarts from capcom's games: Morrigan Aenslad from Darkstalkers and Chun-Li from Street Fighter 2. So i wanted to know if it is possible for you to put them on your website. It would be a honor for me because your site is a great reference for many characters. If you prefer not putting them on i understand.


-Julien Cordebar

Frank replies: Man, I really like your style! ...Your coloring is excellent and the way you draw female faces is quite good. Thank you for sharing!!!

~TFG Webmaster

Future Plans. . .

Yo Frank,

   Quite an impressive site you have here. You are one of the few OPEN MINDED people who have been able to break down fighting games and appreciate them artistically (I'm one of them also). The name is Kennith, and my dream job is to work for a gaming company as an artist and its actually in my future plans, because I'm taking quite a few college classes for it. As I stated before, I love browsing your site for reference (and you bet I browse it like an art gallery). I can spend about 20-25 minutes on just one of your character profiles. Haha! Your comments are also funny as hell to read sometimes, yet well thought out. Some people might not immediately understand what you are referring to with your comments sometimes, because a lot of people are artistically challenged as you say. Ha ha! Well I guess I'm just letting you know that I agree with a lot of your critiques to the characters, and I understand what you're talking about almost 100% of the time. It's tremendously strange how alike my thoughts are to yours sometimes!

   Well man, I'm just giving you the props you had coming. Thanks a million Frank. Snazzy new t-shirts by the way.


Frank replies: Hey it takes a keen mind to appreciate things artistically. I'm glad you're able to enjoy this site to the fullest! Thanks for the mail. And do pick up a t-shirt! Then you'd get props from me. Heh heh.

~TFG Webmaster

Like an Art Museum. . .

KICK ASS Fighter's Generation site!! Hands down the best fighting game related website I've ever accidentally came across lol. Although the fighter profiles take a while to load everything (pictures, gifs) like you said..It's like browsing through an art museum, and it's well worth it too. Keep it up!


Frank replies: At least someone listens to what I say... Ha ha ha!

~TFG Webmaster

From South Africa. . .

Hi Mr Yagami
i live in south africa and i think you have a really cool site
Some of the fighting games i have not even seen in our country and it just makes me wanna play them more
But `cause of our PAL systems and the fact that the only 2d fighters we can play are VS games we kinda behind when compared to the guys in the states...but nonetheless it`s still cool to play them
I am more of a 3d gamer when it comes to fighting games as those are the ones that are here in massive quantities
The tekken series is my favourite as are Soul Caliber and Virtua Fighter

I think u have a great site and don`t u worry sir i`m making sure everybody down here knows about it


Frank replies: Thanks for the heads up from South Africa! Wow, sometimes I forget how cool this internet thing really is... Thanks for spreading the fighting spirit over in South Africa!

-TFG Webmaster

A Godsend. . .


         Before I get started, I must give credit where credit is due--your site's a godsend for us fighting game addicts throughout the world, and I hope to see it continue to grow and flourish as I've seen it do since I discovered it almost three years ago. With that said, let's move right along, shall we...?

I saw the letter in your January February 04 section where someone had asked about the story behind Bison's name and his change in looks between the Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter 2 games. I went and did some checking around, and this might shed some light on things.

1.) Yes, it's true--in Japan, Bison's actual name is Vega. The official reason that it was changed was because that M. Bison was the name given to the character known here in the states as Balrog. As we all know, Capcom (and other fighting game makers, as well) tend to create character based off of real-life people (Feilong from Bruce Lee, Andore from Andre The Giant, etc.), and M. Bison (Balrog) -was- Capcom's version of Mike Tyson. But when Street Fighter 2 was to be released stateside,  -both Capcom and Capcom USA feared that Tyson might sue the company due to likeness infringement, so they quickly swapped character names. M. Bison (original names first) became Balrog, Balrog became Vega, and Vega became M. Bison, with Sagat able to avoid a name switch due to the name being previously established in Street Fighter 1.

Oh, and as for your Cable/Juggernaut/Guile MvsC2 team, Frank? All I've got is three names to answer that with--Akuma/Dr. Doom/Juggernaut. Mu ha.

-Seidaku Ryu

Frank replies: Thanks for the appreciation and also clearing up the story behind Bison's name (for those that don't know). ;) 

~TFG Webmaster

Just Some Questions. . .

I love your site. Its awesome. I just got some questions:

1) Do you plan to expand upon the "story" parts for the games in the "Games" section?

2) I hear Ken (the one from street fighter) was the main character in his own game. Do you know the title of that game, if so, for what system is it?

3) I haven't played too many fighting games compared to other people in this site. I was wondering, are there any Arab fighting game characters? I mean, im an arab, so i would love to see my culture in there. Ive seen every other ethnic group besides that. Could you give me any names?

4) I too am a martial artist. Ive been training in Goju-Ryu karate for 5 years. I was wondering, in taekwondo do they teach any internal punches? I figure you would be the best person to ask since, well, you've taken taekwondo for quite a while.

Thank you for your time.

-Adam Ahmed

Frank replies: Alright, onto the questions then!

1. Yes, and hopefully soon!

2. Capcom released a game called Street Fighter 2010 who's main character's name was "Ken," whom is a "retired martial artist turned scientist who has artificially enhanced his body with bionics". though one might speculate it's the same Ken we all know and love from the SF series, Capcom confirmed that they are entirely different characters... So the answer to your question is "No."

3. I could be wrong, but Darun Mister may possibly have a bit of the ethnicity you mentioned. Or at least he looks it. Pullum Purna might be another.

4. Goju-Ryu Karate... Awesome! My style of TaeKwonDo does include pressure point strikes (at black belt level), which in combination, can lead to internal effects. If you know that kind of stuff, seriously, you can disable someone very fast... Crazy stuff!

Thanks for the mail! Keep training hard.

~TFG Webmaster

SF4 is long overdue don'cha think?

First off, your site is the best fighting game site on the net, keep up the great work, we all thank you.

And second, i'm really excited about the mention you made about SF3 being released for the PS2. I have one myself and even wondered if they would re-release it for the PS2.

Now,at last a fighting game dream comes true. At last, those of us who have never played it will not be denied any longer.  Thanks oh,so much for the tip,Frank you are good with the news.

Yes I agree 100% with you that capcom has been pretty lazy not giving us anything new on the greatest fighting game that ever lived.

And personally...I think a SF4 is long overdue don'cha think?

And thanks for the info on the new SF action figures I look forward to those,and I also read the new comic series,let's hope it lasts longer than the last one if ya catch my drift.

Thanks for lending an ear and good luck at your next  fighting game tournament. I hope you win big time!

-Aaron T.

Frank replies: I wouldn't say Street Fighter 4 is "overdue" because Capcom clearly worked incredibly hard on the Street Fighter series, and SF3 is definitely hard to "top." I'm sure they're taking their time because they don't want to make any fatal mistakes with the series... I say they should take their time and do it right, but that's assuming that they're actually working on the project. So who knows.

~TFG Webmaster

~Feedback Topic~
So what's your opinion on the possible Soul Calibur movie?

What the hell is going on?!

I just read about the news...just have one thing to say...WHAT THE HELL IS
GOING ON?! A great game like soul Calibur is going to be taken to the
unworthy hands of Warren Zide. *cry*

It will be a combination of cheesy humor, horrible acting, graphics, and
will probably have today's crude music as well. Oh man, it's such a scary
idea, I can't even imagine it. There goes the game industry. I thought for
once there was a respectable company. What the hell was NAMCO thinking?

Warren Zide
If there was a man that I could kill in Hollywood-this man would definitely
be one of them. This guy has no sense of making movies, almost nobody in
Hollywood anyway, but this guy-American Pie!? I have to say this- I hated
that movie so much (just by ads) I never saw it. The standard seemed
horrible...Anyway, Final destination was stupid as well and now he has Soul
Calibur? *Takes out shotgun and shoots Zide to pieces* Even I could have
made a better movie. So that's it. A good quality work is going to be
transformed into some hideous (no offense) NEO-AMERICAN work.  Now remember
everyone, after seeing the movie, think-The game was not the movie...the
game was not the movie...the game was not the movie...

The problem
Ok this is how it works in today's industry:  "If the majority of the people
like it, it will make money. Forget the quality, because many of today's
generation have no sense." Soul Calibur is an excellent work of art. The
world, the characters, heck, even the music is perfect. There is a nice
plot, and no waste of game play is what also makes the independent stories
interesting. There have been very few movies that have made it to this
standard: Star Wars, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Raiders of the Lost Ark,
The Godfather, Goldfinger etc. Some one who has an understanding of the
world in Soul Calibur will succeed in making the movie; even intricate
designs on the buildings, beautiful fighting arenas should not even be
ignored. The dialog will probably include sayings like this:
1."What, what did you do to her, you're gonna die, even if it costs me my
own life!"
2."Oh, I think I like him. What's this feeling I have?"

Worst possible scenario
There won't be any dialog at all. Action might
dominate the whole story. Yeah, it will probably be worse than the dubbing
on Dragon Ball Z, and I would not be surprised to find Reese Witherspoon
playing Sophita or Dennis Rodman playing Voldo. Or maybe the whole cast of
the Ozbournes might be in the stupid shit!My point is in today's world, anything
can happen and with Warren Zide, you're asking for some really stupid work.

Ok, even though I have made a string statement, there is another thing I
have to say. I could be wrong. Maybe the movie wont be as bad as I am
thinking it can be, yeah right.
Anyway, the skies will turn green and the oceans will rise, even God might
talk! - If this movie will actually be anything.

-Rinoa Striffe

Frank replies: *Applause* You're a very smart girl Rinoa... And you said it all with brilliance and style. I need not say anything... Except for... "I agree whole-heartedly."

-TFG Webmaster

Bloodless. . .

I just red about the new Soul Calibur movie on your site, and I will tell
you that it will probably suck, and I have a few reasons.

The video game can get away with being bloodless, but I don't think that
will translate well to the movies.  Remember the Mortal Kombat movies (bet
you wish you didn't)?  I saw the first one and it was squeaky clean, a movie
for kids.  I'm sure that Hollywood will make also make a child's movie out
of Soul Calibur.  A movie with weapons, especially swords, needs blood.

The actors will probably be actors who can't fight without stunt doubles, or
actors who do their own stunts but are unable to properly act.  A good
fighting game movie must deliver a good, believable story to go along with
the excellent fight scenes.  I heard that the producers are trying to get
Jackie Chan to join the crew, which is good, but every character is
important, Jackie can't play all of them.  I'm also crossing my fingers so
that they don't use a CGI animated Astaroth.

The script will definitely be embarrassing .  When I say embarrassing, I'm
predicting that the dialogue will be as lame as the announcer before every
match in Soul Calibur 2 ("A man searching to fulfill his destiny, blah blah
blah").  I hope that it will seem a bit more natural, but I bet every
character will be talking about destiny, good and evil, etc.

Thanks for reading.

Frank replies: Another opinion in the same direction. Good points as well...Geez, this is easy... I don't have to type much at all for these feedbacks.

-TFG Webmaster

I kind of wanted to cry. . .

Honestly, when I heard who was producing it..... I at first tried to be
optimistic, but at the same time deep down inside, I kind of wanted to

the fact that there's actually a fan base just shows how low our American
IT?!  WHY?!

.....*regains a bit of sanity* Okay seriously, I'm gonna give the guy a
chance.  I don't know why but my instincts say to keep an eye on this
development.  Just because he's the producer doesn't mean he has complete
100% creative control (work with me, please!  I'm trying hard as hell to
stay optimistic) because I mean, you still have writers, directors, the
actors, etc.  As long as he doesn't WRITE IT I think there's still a chance
it'll be entertaining, right?  Right?!!  *trying hard not to break down*

PS: Frank, please don't put Smash Bros. on Gamegen.  It was an alright game
but I don't think the Nintendo character galleries (with the exception of
Samus) would be all that cool.  Very rarely do those 'character' games work
out well.  If you put that on Gamegen you might as well put in DBZ Budoukai
or Inuyasha or something. Just my opinion.  Adios!

-Supersaiyan V / Vashaun H.

Frank replies: You alright man? Just relax... I'm gonna give the guy a chance as well, but I don't think it'll help him much.

P.S. Do not worry Vashaun... There's no way in hell "Pikachu" will ever have a page... EWW!!! Fuck... You made me type it's name... I'll never forgive you.

~TFG Webmaster

Opinions, Opinions, Opinions. . .

Opinions, opinions, opinions....To be perfectly honest with you, I'm half and half on the subject. Sure, I enjoy the fact that a great game is about to be made into a movie and I'm also curious to see how it is going to come out. But the question is will the game become another Street Fighter "bomb"( the movie was crap if you didn't see it) or will it actually be a director's work of art. You see Frankie, you can't just judge the guy who's making the movie. Like you've'' stated many times in your opinion, all his movies were basically ass crap. HOWEVER, wouldn't it be safe to say that he has never directed this type of movie genre before in his career.( Like you've said before "American Pie" and " Final Destination") Therefore, we don't know if he's good at action movies or not.
    Thats how I feel about to say the least. So, yes, I would want them to make the movie and I would go see it as well.

P.S. animated movies rock!!!.....But if you haven't noticed American public does not react well to serious cartoons...although Street Fighter is bar none the best animated movie in my opinion....Sagat got robbed...

-Bob T.

Frank replies: The fact that we're talking a fighting game movie, and this is his FIRST attempt at an action movie... Means mathematically, us Soul Calibur fans are doomed if this movie is made.

-TFG Webmaster

Whatever Happens, Happens. . .

Hey Frank.
I read about this today in your site, which I know most about. I thought I'd
throw in my two cents and say what I have to say about this.
I have some of the same expectations you have, and yes, I was not shocked
about the fact that such staff as the one for American Pie and Final
Destination would be doing this movie, it was just bound to end that way,
and only to lower our expectations of this movie.
Street Fighter and the MK series were probably not made by the same company
but hell, those two where bad, bad movies. It seems as if the fighter movies
follow the pattern of "the better the games, the worser the movies"
(depending on your opinion, I believe that SF was better than MK, and the MK
movie was better than the SF movie, by a lot). If the Soul Calibur movie has
the same destiny, I would not be surprised, but we just have to wait and

Saying that the movie would be better animated is not a safe thing to say.
Most likely, it would fall under the hands of Masami Obair (fatal fury,
voltage fighter gowcaizer, battle arena toshinden), and if this happens,
we're looking at the same destiny as the one it had with the American
company. If the movie is animated through an American company, it wouldn't
be any better either, its animation would suck, unless its handled by Disney
and...that doesn't sound like it would happen.

Whatever happens, happens, and no matter how it goes, we can- after the
movie is sadly released and the box office scores are set - say that
fighting game fans "revolve around cheap movies and intense gameplay".
Hopefully, the world will open its eyes to the fact that no-one will ever be
able to transfer a badass video game into a good movie.
Not that I liked the game that much anyways. At least SNK-Playmore is
keeping themselves at bay against the media world, with the KOF series.
Likewise with Sammy and Guilty Gear.
Thats all.


Frank replies: Thanks for your 2 cents!

-TFG Webmaster