TFG Feedback - Q3/Q4 2013

TFG Banner Contest 2013 Winner Prizes. . .

Talk about an unexpected Christmas present! The package arrived today and I was quite pleased. Jet really topped anything I could have expected out of a Strider request. The Strider drawing turned out incredibly awesome! What's even better is that I got two different badass versions of it. =P I loved the pose and the robot hawk and panther was an extremely nice touch!  I'm honored to be considered part of the "TFG Family." The bonus minimates were well picked too. That Ken will go nicely with Ryu. =P Thanks for everything. The bonus gift, the second version of the drawing, allowing me to be considered TFG Family, and the opportunity to provide banners for the site! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both of you guys.

-Alejandro Castillo (Glenwood, Illinois)

Frank replies: I'm so glad the package arrived before Christmas... Awesome! Yeah, once Jet sends me his digital copy of the Strider artwork, Ill be putting it up on his art page. Its definitely one of his best works of 2013. And yeah, I figured Ken would keep Ryu company... heh heh. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and keep in touch as always. ;)

TFG Webmaster

Kensei: Sacred Fist. . . 

Hello there Frank,

My name is Yassin and I'm a huge fan of fighting games and thus your site I check it on a daily basis. I have to make my apologies though cause I'm dutch and I think my english is not very good, I have a question for you though. When I was seven years old I played a game called kensei sacred fist and thought it was a great game. Ten years later I had a psp and downloaded it (it's a ps1 game btw) and a wave of nostalgia was coming over me so here's my question is why havent you reviewed it? It's my childhood!! And I know I'm not the only one who thinks about it that way.

Keep up the superb work and greets from Holland!!

-Yassin (Holland)

Frank replies: Hey Yassin. Glad to hear you're a daily visitor. Your English is good enough for me to understand. ;) I have heard of Kensei: Sacred Fist, but I never got around to playing it back in the PS1 days. That one just slipped through the cracks, in my case. You sparked my curiosity, so I did some research (on Youtube) and wow... that game looks A LOT like Tekken. XD That alone is reason enough to add the game to TFGs Games library... Ill highly consider doing that in the future. Thanks for the mail!

TFG Webmaster

Yassin replies: Thanks for your reply and you're right indeed it looks a lot like Tekken, but gameplay wise it's exactly like DOA! And another thing: I'm glad you have REAL fighting games on your site instead of that Super Smash Brothers, Naruto or "that kind of shit". And if I may ask you another question: which of the characters of the Street Fighter EX games do you want to see back in a next street fighter game? I would like to see Blair back but I don't think that's going to happen because she only appeared in one game... Keep up the good work and I hope to hear from you soon! Greetings from Holland.

Frank replies: Interesting. And I'm glad that you appreciate the type of fighting games that TFG covers. To answer your question, I'd love to see the return of Skullomania, C. Jack, Allen and D. Dark. ;)

TFG Webmaster

Street Fighter Alpha: Ryu VS Sagat (Live Action). . . 

Hey, I'm a longtime fan of your page and your Gallery is my "Go-To" spot for any and everything fighting! I've just finished a SF fan film and I'd like to share it with you:

Feel free to share and embed on your site if you feel so inclined. Thanks!

-Jason Yorrick

Frank replies: BRAVO. I practically watched the entire thing with a smile on my face. Great actors and good pacing. I really enjoyed the authentic "real life" martial arts vibe about it, too. Nice touch with the white headband on Ryu as well... I knew it was the SFA timeline immediately when I saw that (I didn't read the title of the video yet, lol). Thanks a lot for the heads up! Glad you enjoy the site.

TFG Webmaster

The Artistic Side of Video Games, Tekken VS KOF Comic. . .

Hello Mr. Yagami-sama. (Is it okay if I can call you that??)

I never really was a die-hard fighting game fan, since I was born in the playstation generation, until now. I now begin to understand the artistic side of video games through this website, and it really grows on me in every way. I even try to draw fighting game characters as a passion! Thanks for making me a fighting game fan, Mr Yagami! Love your work!

Btw, I'm more on the 3d side of things, so sorry if I don't approve 2d fighting games as much. (Don't worry, I still love street fighter, king of fighters, etc.)

I'm curious about one thing, though: what makes a perfect fighting game character?? I'm asking this because none of my friends I know but me like Jin Kazama, or Kazuya Mishima for that matter, and yet they received a perfect score. Kasumi, on the other hand, who some of my friends like, only received 3 out of 5 overall.

Speaking of Jin, I found this while skimming over a King of Fighters comic on my iPhone. (Yes, it's Chinese, and I can't read Chinese. I'd gladly appreciate it if someone can translate this for me) :)


Could it be??!!! :0 What do you think of a Tekken/King of Fighters crossover, or even Namco vs SNK?? Capcom vs SNK and Street Fighter x Tekken (and Namco x Capcom) had already happened, so surely why not?? Just a thought. Sorry if it's lengthy, but anyways keep the soul burning and let the fighting spirit never die!! :)

-Sam K. (Sydney, Australia)


Frank replies: Yagami-sama. I like it. Hey, I miss those Playstation 1 days... there were so many amazing games from that era. Not to mention, games that made you "work" for your rewards and some that made you "use your imagination" a little bit (unlike most of today's games). I sense I'll go off on a rant if I continue, so let's get back to the subject matter here.

Hey, it's awesome to know TFG inspired the fighting game fan (and the artist) within you. That's exactly what fighting games themselves did to me in the late 80's... (there I go reminiscing again). Wow, I'm aging myself here. 

Alright. So what makes a perfect fighting game character? GREAT question. Seriously. I'll give you 3 things that can make a badass fighting game character.

1.  Personality. Nuff said. 
2.  An outfit that makes sense... and one that compliments his/her fighting style. 
3.  A fighting style with depth, either based on an authentic martial art... or imaginative in a way that "makes a statement".

Now onto these Chinese Tekken VS King of Fighters comics... Very interesting. I'm familiar with the Hong Kong art style and I know there are a ton of KOF comics in this style, but I've never seen Tekken thrown in. That text seems too small to translate, but maybe try looking around for higher quality versions (I'll try too). And personally, I've always thought Tekken & KOF universes would merge perfectly. Each series has very "stylish" characters... they compliment each other (I know they do on my toy shelves).

Thanks for the fun-to-read email. Stay in touch!

P.S. I hope to visit Australia someday.

TFG Webmaster

Tips on How To Get Better at Fighting Games. . .

Heyy there guys! I actually just found your site the other day and was blown away by the content. Had some "mainstream" videos and intimate videos from other various people in the community too and I really liked that. 

So with that, I decided I'd email you about a new video I made helping the fighting game community with how to get better at fighting games in 10 simple, but detailed steps. I'd really love if you could check it out yourself and include it on the main page! And it's not just for myself, but moreso for the fighting game community itself. Often there are threads and fragmented tips on how to get better, but no one seems to ever break it down in its entirety; so instead I set out to do so.

Anyways, thanks so much for reading this and here's the link of the video. Also, let me know what you think!

When SALT Strikes: 10 Detailed Tips How To Get Better at Fighting Games!


-Nuu  (http://youtube.com/finallyanime

Frank replies: Just found TFG huh? Cool, thanks for the compliments on the site. :) Also thanks for the heads up on your video... I'll see what I can do about maybe posting it soon. It's cool you're trying to help out new players! Any plans for making one for 3D fighting games? Anyhow, I subscribed to ya. Keep in touch. :)

TFG Webmaster

 Nuu replies: Heyy! Thanks for the response man, means a lot :) and I definitely plan on making more fighting game content. I haven't gotten a chance to play tekken or soul caliber in a whole so I'm not too sure when the 3D guide would come out, but in working on everything of course.