TFG Feedback - Q2 2013

Thank You For Fighters Generation. . . 

I know this is random but I really appreciate the site you have kept up over the years!  The games and character archive is kept so well. Archiving the genre that really put gaming on the map. Thank you web keeper of that which is awesome! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed as I am sure your well aware. My friends and I have been referencing your site for years now and it is still the best site to get gaming information from. Thanks Frank "Mr Yagami" for all your hard work!!!!!

Each time I fight, I learn something new. This journey has been fruitful.

-Michael H. (Houston, TX)

Frank replies: Thanks for the email my friend. Glad you enjoy the site!

TFG Webmaster

Inconsistent Ratings. . . 


From what I could gather, you rated the games according to their scores in this fashion:

0.0 to 4.5: Lots of different bad words

4.5 to 4.9: Cheap

5 to 5.4: Weak

5.5 to 5.9: Subpar

6 to 6.4: Mediocre

6.5 to 6.9: So-so

7 to 7.4: Passable

7.5 to 7.9: Decent

8 to 8.4: Solid

8.5 to 8.9: Impressive

9 to 9.4: Outstanding

9.5 to 9.7: Brilliant

9.8 to 10: Perfect

This is summarized in this list I compiled here:  TFG Games Ratings Document

Now, this give us some inconsistent ratings:

- Street Fighter EX got a 7.5 score but was deemed only "Passable", while all these games got 7.5 but were rated "Decent": Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi!, Battle Arena Toshinden, Mortal Kombat Trilogy, and Samurai Shodown 5

- Street Fighter Alpha: Anthology was rated only "Decent" at 8.6, which is a full two "grades" below it should have been ("Impressive" is the rating for such games, "Decent" is a step down from "Solid").

- Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection was rated "Outstanding", but all other games scoring 9.5 or more were at least "Brilliant".

- Super Street Fighter 2 was rated "Brilliant" at 9.8, but Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike was rated "Near Perfect" at the same 9.8 score.

Something else that bothered me was in the SF3: New Generation page you gave the game a score of 9,2 (9 comma 2) while every other review used a dot.

Also, Tekken 6 and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion are just the exact same page copy and pasted with a different title and logo. This was strange because every other game that was that close you just used the same page.

Thanks for reading,

- Rodrigo C. (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Frank replies: Wow... I've wanted to compile an organized list of all TFG's games and ratings for a while now, but just never got around to it. So first off.... THANK YOU!!!  This list is actually very helpful to me (and for future reference). Also thank you for spotting those inconsistencies. I've made some visual changes to the t hose ratings graphics over the years, and I had a feeling there might've been a few small errors in the process... so thanks for spotting those.

About the Tekken 6 profiles: I decided to differentiate the Tekken 6 & Bloodline Rebellion profiles for a few reasons. Most importantly, to distinguish the fact that each title had a completely different set of character artwork (which can be seen in each profile's character art gallery). Even though the review is the same, I wanted to distinguish the two different versions.
Your email was much appreciated. I'd also like to add you to the TFG credits, simply for compiling that list. So how long did that take you?

TFG Webmaster

Rodrigo replies: You're welcome. I also updated the spreadsheet to reflect your recent changes. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil.

 I understand the games on the list are curated and many end up not making the list for whatever reason, but do you have any criteria on which you base those decisions? For example, would a game like "Daemon Bride" make the list? It's from Examu, the folks behind AquaPazza and the Arcana Heart series. How about games from IGS like Martial Masters and Spectral vs. Generation? 

Do you get asked questions like this a lot ("why isn't <insert game here> on the list?")? If so, what do you think about just compiling a list of games that won't make the "real" list? Just as a way of saying, "Yes, I'm aware of the existence of these games. Don't bother me with them!" 

PS: Seeing how Killer Instinct will get a sequel seventeen years after its last game, is there another game/series you'd like to see "resurrected" in that fashion?

Frank replies: Hey again Rodrigo,

Very cool. You update fast! ;) Out of those games you've mentioned, I have only heard of / seen Martial Masters and Spectral vs. Generation. Basically, the criteria is that if there's enough legitimate "content" to create a TFG profile for the game, I will consider making one. In the past, it was a lot harder to find info, screenshots, artwork, etc. for certain games, but thanks to the evolution of the internet... new stuff is always popping up, making it easier to research some of those more obscure games. So in the future, I will continue to add classic game profiles to the site every so often.

And yes, I definitely get those questions a lot. Actually, I have considered creating an "honorable mentions" list of games that aren't featured on the site. I'll post it in the Features section if I ever get around to creating that. ;)

To answer your question: I definitely think Samurai Shodown deserves a proper reboot. The rumor going around is that SNK is possibly developing a new 2D/3D King of Fighters along with a new 2D/3D Samurai Shodown game as we speak. The other part of the rumor is that these games will have "SF4-like" graphics but will remain 2D fighting games. Needless to say, I hope it's true!

TFG Webmaster

GameGen Fan . . 

Hi Frank!! How're you!? I know it's been a while since the last time I sent you a banner... : /
I'm writing to thank you for the incredible job you keep doing with the site, even in this last 2-3 years with the huge amount of fighting games are coming out. The Fighters Generation is outstanding. I've never left following it along these years...
But in the last months I've returned to play some classic games on emulators and revisiting your reviews of those games/characters... enjoying the site again as the first time I found it when it was called GameGen.
Oh! and have to say, that the t-shirt I won in the 2009 banner contest has become a "lucky charm" (<-google translator here coff coff..) for me, wearing it under my team's shirt when I play football as goalkeeper.
I promise to make you a fresh new banner with forgotten classic characters with poor ratings haha, they really deserve their minute of glory in the best fighting game site of the world. And, yes I'm referring to characters as Fuuma, Rody, or... Kusaragedo... Even if it's only used on April's fools haha.

Best regards from Spain! (And sorry for my cheap English)

- Sergio (Spain)

Frank replies: Hey Sergio, been a while! I recently came across some of your old school TFG banners... they still look good after all these years. Sounds like a cool premise for a TFG banner, lookin' forward to seeing it. And damn, I forgot you've been a visitor since the GameGen days... you're officially old school bro. Also good to see you're representin' with that TFG shirt.  SHOOOSH!

TFG Webmaster