TFG Feedback - Q1 2013

Thanks For Helping Me Love Fighting Games . . .

Hi Mr. Yagami!

I have been visiting your website for about.....I think 4 years now and I finally got the courage to give you thanks for making such an in-depth and incredible website to the fighting game genre. I absolutely love it and I come to it everyday to hear all the latest news and read all of your reviews (sometimes even re-read them).

Your thoughts and views into the games bring such a huge influence to me in both video games and art. I myself was introduced to the fighting game genre with Killer Instinct when I was 4 and while I had a blast in the SNES version, it wasnt until I played Tekken 3 and Soul Calibur that I started my attempt in liking them. Quite frankly, I sucked butt in Tekken. While I had fun playing with the characters and the story and music got me hooked from the get go, I just found it too intimidating to learn and enjoy the fighting engine because of all the characters' move sets and advanced techniques.
Too be honest I felt like a complete video game snob and I simply brushed off fighting games since I knew and felt that it was hardcore genre and after Tekken 5 I stopped caring for them in general. I'm actually an RPG person myself since I first played Final Fantasy IX on the PS1 and ever since then I managed to stick with JRPGs as my #1 source of entertainment (I still played other genres such as platformers or shooters such as Resident Evil or Mario, but werent as focused as my love for rpgs). I'm also an artist and jrpgs such as the Final Fantasy series and the Tales of series became my inspiration for drawing at the time.
And it wasnt until I came across your website, when I was searching up some artwork for Tekken 2 that changed my opinion in fighting games. From all the other fighting game websites that I encountered in the past, I have never seen yours to be anything quite like any other. It was just so eye-catchy and full of information that I instantly became hooked on looking around. The thing that stood out for me about your site were the reviews, when I started reading them, I felt emotionally excited from reading your intricate views and aspects that break down the meat and bones of a fighting game. The way you analyze the games always left me with so much hype and appreciation that I was able to give a second look into fighting games.
When I came across your Street Fighter reviews, I became so hooked (lol how many times have I said this word) into the franchise. A fighting franchise that I stupidly underestimated for being a flat 2D and overrated fighter, became one of my most favorite and beloved video game series that I ever came across and it's all thanks to you. I was surprised with how easy the controls were and how rewarding and fun the mechanics in the SF games were to make me keep coming back for more. And the super combos...Ohhhhh the super combos, I tell you, when I first managed to pull off a Super Combo finish in Street Fighter Alpha 2, I had such an amazing feeling inside me. Speaking of Alpha, thats where I started out my Street Fighter craze. Thanks to reading your Street Fighter Alpha 1, 2 and 3 reviews as well as the Alpha Anthology which I hastely picked up from the store during the waning days of the PS2 era (actually I think about 2 years ago lol).
Seriously the Street Fighter Alpha series turned into such a huge influence in my art due to the awesome artwork, sprites, backgrounds, presentation and of course it's incredible bgms. I was such an aesthetical fanatic, that I also really...REALLY love the menu sound effects (you know when the sound you hear when you select your character and manual/auto and turbo settings in the selection screen in Alpha 1 and 2?...Yeah...I really love that, I think it's badass). And it didnt just stop there, soon after I read many of your reviews on the awesome 2D Capcom fighting games, I actually went and bought a sega saturn and dreamcast to just to be able to play the arcade perfect ports of games such as X-Men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2 and the Street Fighter III series. And I only have those games for said consoles as well, I never would imagine I would go out my way to buy whole consoles just to enjoy and experience a fighting game when I could've easily turn to emulation to play them (I didnt though because I felt it would've cheapen up the whole experience to me). I actually feel a bit proud to own the complete package of these fighting games with their original box, case and manuals still intact in such great conditions.
Overall thank you so much for introducing me to Street Fighter and bringing me back to the fighting game genre (even though we obviously never met lol) along with putting the love, care and effort into craft such an amazing website. Love it, Absolutely love it. Your reviews totally changed my perspective with the genre and I'm continuously growing to learn and appreciate both the technical and aesthetical aspects of a fighting game. While I never went back to Tekken or any of the 3D fighters out there, I learned to appreciate their style and reason for being so difficult to learn and master. Like you said, those games strive on their deep and rewarding fighting engine and in Tekken's case I never knew that it stayed as consistent as it is. Its a fighting game that should be respected in it's own right.
As I final token of gratitude, I wanted to show you some artworks that I did in leu of the VS. series from my deviantart page. While reading up on how Capcom created the Vs.series from Marvel, I was thinking how awesome it would be if Capcom made a 2D fighting game based on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon back in the days. I know NRS made Injustice Gods Among Us, and while I appreciate and respect the company for putting care and attention to it, I personally didnt became too fond of it (it's probably because of some of the models, awkward animations, sleppy bgms, gimicky and somewhat dated fighting mechanics and overall artistic design lol). I'm actually a Marvel guy than a DC fan, but If Capcom got it's hands on the DC franchise It would be awesome if they did a crossover with Street Fighter and have vibrant and colorful 2D sprite work, sexy 3D backgrounds, music composed by the guys who made the early VS series music along with Shinji Hosoe who made the awesome arcade version music of the SF EX2 (have you listened to the arcade version music? Digital Ignition and Flash Train are some of my favorites). Oh well It's a interesting fandom to me considering that the only reason I like DC is because of the DC Animated cartoons from Bruce Timm.
Also, I wanted to show you that I started doing playthroughs on my YT channel on many of the old school Capcom fighting game such as X-Men vs Street Fighter and such http://www.youtube.com/user/LucasHorclox. Oh god, I'm still such a scrub in fighting games (yes that one star difficulty hahaha), but still I manage to have so much fun into the games anyway, that I hope I gradually grow to be a bit better in them. Lastly, I've heard you like some RPGs, may I recommend giving the Tales series a spin? The series are made by Namco and the reason they are so much fun to play is because the battle system plays like a 2D fighter. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc1BHJh56RY The guys in this video impressively show of Tales of Vesperia's (PS3 version) fighting and combo system impressively.
Anyway again, Thank you so much for your website. It's become such a huge influence in my life and I'm glad I found a second main niche in the video game industry. Cant wait to read on future reviews and news on fighting games!
-Julio V. (Savannah, Georgia)

Frank replies: Hey Julio. Thanks for taking the time to share your history with fighting games... it's always interesting hearing about someone else's experiences and inspirations. I'm humbled that you've enjoyed my reviews so much, and I'm glad I could assist you in keeping alive your motivation to play and enjoy fighting games. I also love the Street Fighter Alpha series (possibly my all time favorite era of Street Fighter), and congrats on getting a Saturn & Dreamcast to play arcade perfect ports of those classic 2D fighters... such classy systems those were (are). It's also great to hear someone else appreciating the amazing music of classic Street Fighter games... Alpha, EX, SFIII, VS Series... I still love them all.

Also thanks for sharing your cool "DC VS Street Fighter" artwork! Your DC characters look like they've come straight out of the classic DC animated series! And I agree, I think a Capcom-made DC fighting game would turn out much more interesting than Injustice or... dare I say..... MK VS DC. lol. Finally, good luck with your YT Channel and be sure to stay in touch. Thanks a lot friend.

P.S. I'm also a RPG / Final Fantasy fan (FF7 through 10 are still my favorites) but I haven't tried the Tales series. I'll consider your recommendation though. Thanks.

TFG Webmaster

Skullgirls And Injustice Review Question . . . 

Hello Frank,

I would like to say that I'm a big fan of your site, The Fighters Generation, since 2010.  I've been a fan of fighting games since I was 6 years old, and I'm 24 years old right now.  Your reviews are very well-detailed and constructive, and I especially love your Soul Calibur II review.

I'm sorry if I have to ask some questions, but when you gave Injustice: Gods Among Us a 7.9 score, which is decent, is it because there are too many "spam heavy" characters in the game, or is it because the costumes in the game look so hideous?  I personally like this fighting game more than Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Street Fighter x Tekken.

Don't get me wrong, it's far from being a brilliant game, and people have different opinions, but is it that much worse than Solid / Impressive?  I'm surprised that you gave it a 7.9 score, while I expected to be between 8.1 to 8.6.

Lastly, when you gave Skullgirls a 7.7 score, another fighting game I liked, is it because the game is pretty slow for your tastes, or is it that you're just not really a fan of an "all-girl" fighting games?  I still love your reviews in general though.


-Denny (California, USA)

Frank replies: Hey Denny. A fighting game player of almost 20 years huh? ...Awesome. I'm always honored to hear that a fellow FG veteran enjoys my reviews. I recently revised my Soul Calibur 2 review, so it was cool you mentioned that one! To answer your question about my Injustice review: I actually expected to rate the game a bit higher myself, but some key flaws really stood out to me. Aesthetically, I don't think Injustice has the "pop" that other leading fighting games have (new and old)... in the most fundamental way. For me, it's difficult to like a game that I don't enjoy looking at... unless the gameplay is "off the charts" fun. 

Quick Story: I was at a local tournament last month (about 300 players, 5 games) and they were using smallish HDTVs (I think 26"). I was watching Injustice being played, and standing only a few feet away from the TV, the characters almost seemed like skinny twigs fighting each other. A friend of mine even mentioned it was almost hard to tell which character onscreen was a male or female. lol. Comparatively to the other games at the tournament (on the same size TVs), the character models of SSF4: AE, Ultimate MVC3, and TTT2 fill up the screen a hell of a lot more. Not only are their clothing & body details easier to see, but their animations are clearer and crisper since the characters are larger. Considering the "default size" of most Injustice characters (besides the big guys), I don't know how players can even read some of the animations... especially on a small TV. Personally, I think that's a pretty big visual flaw for a fighting game. It might not bother other players as much, but I can only think back to mid/late 90ís fighting gameswhere bold, colorful character sprites filled up the entire screen.

Then there are the iffy "NetherRealm animations" that irk me. Basically, there are some animations in fighting games that look awesome to me even after the 10,000th time I've seen them. With Injustice, I got sick of some of the special move animations after the 50th time. Besides the visuals, it's just not my type of fighting game. To be honest, my "personal score" of Injustice would actually be considerably lower than 7.9... but that's not how I review games.

As far as Skullgirls goes... there's something about Skullgirls that I like, but the game didn't feel "complete" back when I played and reviewed it. To give it a higher score than a 7.7 would really be unfair considering the amount of content that other fighting games of this era offer. Even though it's an indie fighting game, I decided not to give it too much of a rating "curve". You gotta admit there are some epic fighting games out in this gen; can't change the fact that Skullgirls has tough competition. On a positive note, I'm definitely looking forward to checking out the new DLC characters and stages for Skullgirls when they come out. After all the DLC is released... who knows, maybe I'll revise my review.

Well, I hope that answered your questions... haha, thanks for the feedback!

TFG Webmaster

TFG Banner Contest 2013 - 1st Place!

The results have finally gone up and I feel so much better that I now know where I placed. I wasn't sure if or what I was gonna place so when I clicked the results I actually looked away from the screen, scrolled all the way down, and slowly made my way to the top to see the results. Dear God, was the suspense killing me. xD I have to admit that both Rock H. and Roy Droog were the ones that intimidated me the most this year. I personally liked Rock's Features banner and Roy's Yun banner a lot! Thanks again for the chance to make banners for the site! It feels great to see my banners up there for everyone to enjoy. I stopped making banners for a long time for some reason, but this reminded me how fun of a hobby it was for me and I'm thinking I should get back into it. I plan on coming back next time and hopefully better! There's always room for improvement after all. I'll need some time to think on what character I'd like for Jet to draw, so I'll let you know soon. Congratulations to Rock and Roy because you guys sure as hell scared the crap out of me!

-Alejandro Castillo (Glenwood, Illinois)


Frank replies: Haha, awesome. I'm glad you enjoyed the suspense of the contest... I did too actually. Receiving new banners from everyone in my email is always really exciting... like opening presents! Congrats once again Alejandro. I'll be mailing you the CEO poster & Gamestop gift card with Jet's drawing when he finishes it. So take your time and let me know when you decide on a character.

TFG Webmaster

Alejandro replies: Glad even the judge got to enjoy himself, haha. I'm torn between Ibuki and Strider, but I've decided to go with Strider. Dat Ouroboros, yo.

TFG Banner Contest 2013 - 3rd Place!

Hey again Frankie,

How have you been? It does me great joy to see myself up there on 3rd place. Well deserved first place for Alejandro Casillo, such amazing banners! So happy to have won that poster, its awesome. :) Unfortunately I'm not able to accept the Gamestop prize since we have no Gamestop her in the Netherlands.

Thanks a million man, love these contests and still visit TFG daily. I hope to participate again next year.

-Roy Droog (Rotterdam, Netherlands)


Frank replies: Hey there Roy! Congrats on your 3rd place win! Since you can't accept the Gamestop gift card Iím going to figure out something else to send you. To give me some ideas... tell me your top 5 favorite games, and top 5 favorite fighting game characters. I'll see what I can do. ;)

TFG Webmaster

Roy Replies: Hey Frank thanks a lot :> Are you sure about this? I'd hate to be a bother. But if you insist, my favourite characters would be (in no particular order) Guy, Mitsurugi, Genjuro, Gato and Kazuya (such a difficult question to answer!) And my favourite games would be Tekken, Street Fighter, Garou, Kingdom Hearts 1 (still have to play 2 :p) and Tenchu. But please don't feel obligated to send me anything. I'm really happy with the poster! It's really awesome.

Death Battle: M. Bison VS Shao Kahn . . . 

Given your knowledge of everything fighting games, who do you think has this? I personally would have rather seen Bison/Vega take on Rugal or Heihachi as Street Fighter VS Mortal Kombat doesn't really mix well.


Frank replies: M. Bison would kill Shao Kahn in about... 3 minutes. Kahn would put up a good fight for a while, swinging random sloppy punches or swinging around his hammer like Mario in Donkey Kong, but Bison would just float backward, dodging all of it. Filling up his meter, Bison would then use his SFA3 Level 3 Boss-Mode Psycho Crusher and Shao Kahn would be dead (Shao Kahn is used to dying, so it wouldn't hurt much). 

To give you a visual, it would look something like this:

TFG Webmaster

Capcom VS SNK 3 Scan. . .

-Oz Chavez (San Jose, Costa Rica)

Frank replies: Haha... Shoryuken.com posted that as an April Fools joke like 2 years ago, and I guess they tried to trick people again this year? As much as I'd love to see a new CVS, that image is 100% fake. Just look at it... it's not even done well. That's a KOF12 Kyo sprite and Ryu from Tatsunoko VS Capcom.

TFG Webmaster

Thank You From Mexico . . . 

Hi! my name's leo i'm gram mexico and i only wanna say that, i'm a best fan of your web page, you're so amazing because all my images that i have, is for you and all information of my favorite games i have it for you, thank you to envicious me.

-Leo Asamiya (Ecatepec, Mexico)

Frank replies: Thank you! Glad you enjoy TFG!

TFG Webmaster

No Shaq Fu? . . .

How come you do not have Shaq-fu listed?

-Jamal Goins

Frank replies: Because it falls under the category of "celebrity" fighting game, which we don't cover on TFG. I don't think any TFG fans really want to see a Shaq character profile... (and the 3 sarcastic mofos out there that would say they want to see a Shaq TFG character profile can kindly f*ck off). lololol.

TFG Webmaster