The Shadow's Ambition
The Shadows Ambition is a short film made in 2009 by friend of mine and long time TFG fan, Tony Vongsakhamphouy.

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Tony V.
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Tony with Jet & Jesuka.
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EWGF training.
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Nate, Frank, Tony, & Jet
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Prologue & epilogue artwork drawn by none other than TFG's Featured Artist, JET3000... Narration and voice-overs of Sho (the ninja) also done by Jet. Enjoy the show, and be sure to watch in high quality!

  Keep in mind we had a very limited time to work on this (Tony's film school project). All fight scenes were choreographed and filmed in one night. Jet also whipped up all the artwork under 2 days. So it was a bit of a rushed project, but the main thing is, we had a lot of fun making it.
Promotional Artwork by Jet3K!
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*Warning* Some Foul Language (mostly by Jet)

Webmaster Comment
Awesome job Tony and everyone that was involved... it was a trip. REDEMPTION!!!!! Nathan, you are comic genius. Brian, it was a good fight, but damn those onions!!! I hate onions. Captain Dragon, for some reason you're awesome, but you require much more training. Awesome bloopers too, can't wait for the exclusive DVD version. Great artwork as always Jet, we must have us a fight in the sequel.