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Victor Chevalier
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"With him, violence is à la carte." Victor Chevalier from France brings a sword, knives, and a gun to the fight, swapping between his weapons of choice with lightning speed and agility. Victor is voiced by French actor and film producer, Vincent Cassel.

Enter Victor Chevalier, the living legend who founded the UN's independent forces. Descended from a lineage of distinguished knights, Victor has dreamed of rescuing those in need ever since he was a boy. Following in the footsteps of his father, a high-ranking naval officer, Victor enlists in the French Navy. Viewed as riding the coattails of his successful father by jealous peers, Victor was sent into dangerous operating zones again and again. Still, thanks to the time he spent diligently training with his father's mercenary friend from the East, Victor is able to use his knowledge of combat to come back from every mission alive and victorious.

Famous for his penny-pinching nature and the long list of broken hearts he's left in his wake, Victor leaves a trail of rumors and stories wherever he goes. Before he knows it, Victor earns himself the codename "Phantom Raven," and is looked upon with both fear and awe by others in the military. Victor leaves the Navy to join the UN, hoping to find a way to help even more people as well as explore new paths outside the constraints of working for the state. Soon, though, he begins to sense that the world is on the brink of being taken over by a corporate giant. In response, he starts securing the means needed to counter the corporation's private armed forces.

In preparation for the coming upheaval, Victor exhausts all the means of negotiation he has available to him and succeeds in founding armed forces that have the authority to act at their own discretion. He directs the Raven Unit—an elite team he trained himself—to conduct special ops all over the world while in the meantime, he takes up the mantle as leader of the UN forces. Time passes, and the flames of G Corp's brutal military invasion have begun to engulf the world. Having foreseen such a future, Victor takes command of his new forces and readies himself for the fight. "We'd best hold the reins to the global balance of power." Armed with an haute couture suit from an established design house and the latest optical weapons, Victor, the living legend, retakes his place on the battlefield.



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Page Updated:  Nov. 13th, 2023

First things first... at a glance, Victor's visual design instantly shares a likeness to Colonel Sanders. And that's NOT a bad thing! ^o^ He stands out, even from a distance. Like most TEKKEN characters, Victor has a strong sense of style, but his unique movements and "martial arts" of choice are the most prominent part of his design. Swords, knives, and guns? ...ohh my. He's like a next-gen James Bond. Sean Connery vibes goin' on.

I'm honestly very excited to learn Victor (and also learn how to defend against his insane moveset). Another spectacular and exciting addition to TEKKEN. Worth mentioning, Victor has a fighting style, weapons, and abilities comparable to Noctis in TEKKEN 7. Seems they wanted to keep a multi-weapon user in the game. Also, shoutouts to Goldlewis for losing weight. Also, Jordan Peterson much? He really looks like JP. (Not JP, JP!) Also, Hitman from DNF Duel? This guy is pure anime. I see some crazy inspirations in this design. I love TEKKEN.

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