The Scorpion


The Scorpion (known as Astro in Japan) is a character from the Slam Masters series of wrestling games. The Scorpion is a powerful and skilled masked wrestler whose true identity and personal history are shrouded in darkness. He is the leader of the dark professional wrestling organization known as the BWA, and the main villain of the Slam Masters games.

The Scorpion was designed by the famous manga artist Tetsuo Hara. His moveset is based on the Japanese wrestler "Tiger Mask" while his American name and his mask is a subtle reference to the infamous "Black Scorpion" gimmick in WCW. The Scorpion's mask and uniform also bears resemblance to the mask and suit of the legendary Mexican wrestler, Tinieblas (the Spanish word for "Darkness") as well as those of his son, Tinieblas Jr.. The wrestler Tinieblas was one of the first Mexican fighters to ever tour Japan in 1974. He stands 6'2" and weighs 231 lbs. His birthplace is unknown.

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