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Slash is a mysterious demon who is the black sheep of his kind: he hunts demons and likes humans. Hoping to one day be accepted by either world, he decides to track cursed entities that plague both his home and the surface realm. In his ending, he tells the fairy his wish and she responds by summoning a hoard of Fernandezes. He comically runs for his life while the fairy and her friends watch him in awe. His official nickname is "The Wandering Swordsman".


Waku Waku 7

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Page Updated:  Aug. 3rd, 2023

In case you're not old enough to remember, the name "Slash" was super played out by the late 90s... long before this futuristic sword dude arrived in Waku Waku 7. He actually has a fairly cool design, which is why he should've thought up a better name for himself. lol. Slash's outfit design and color scheme is overall aesthetically pleasing and matches the "colorful" nature of Waku Waku 7. He's got some cool animations, too!

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