Rip Saber


Rip Saber is a member of the BWA, and not much is actually known about him. He apparently came "from the battlefield", and is more than willing to "do whatever it takes to win". This includes attacking his opponent with weapons such as shovels and hand grenades. He treats every match like a life-or-death situation. Rip's strange attack style has earned him a large fan base (story-wise). His attack style seems to be a parody of wrestlers who were famous for garbage wrestling, which was popular in Japan at the time.

He is possibly based on WWF / WWE superstar Sgt. Slaughter and his birthplace of Calgary, Alberta is a reference to the famous Hart wrestling family that includes Bret Hart and Owen Hart.

Rip Saber is also possibly based off Karl Moffat, aka Jason the Terrible. Moffat, a Calgary native, was a '90s wrestler revered in Japan more for his ability to take and inflict pain with improvised weapons than his actual wrestling ability. Like many wrestlers in these federations, Moffat partook of many matches involving fire and explosives. In addition, Moffat's tag team partner, Leatherface/Super Leather, had previously gone under the military-themed gimmick "Corporal Kirchner" in '80s WWF.


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