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An assassin who possesses the power to manipulate fire to take out her targets. She specializes in Ninjutsu: a technique created through the combination of Nen, Chakra, and inherent Dark Elf magic. Kunoichi take their payment for protecting royals and nobles not in the form of wealth, but as being worshipped as familial guardians. As such, they carry out duties such as guarding important persons or infiltrating enemies to collect information.

Learning to control fire requires painstaking training, so it is taken for granted that one adept in such skills possesses great patience and fortitude. As they rarely reveal themselves to the outside world, Kunoichi are often thought of as mere myths of beings that exist only in legends.


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Page Updated:  July 12th, 2023

My early opinion of Kunoichi was that she looks like a SoulCalibur IV, V, or VI Create-a-character that I've battled online many times before. lol. Right? Her visual design didn't grab my attention at first. However, she turned out being my first main in the game! As a Chipp Zanuff main in Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, I immediately fell in love with Kunoichi's speedy combos, mix-ups, and corner resets. As expected, she's one of the fastest characters in DNF Duel and, if you ask me, pretty darn fun to use!

While her visual appearance didn't strike me... her gorgeous fire-based special moves and animations are captivating and definitely her design's strong points! I wasn't expecting much, but Kunoichi is my current favorite character to use in DNF Duel and I recommend her if you enjoy using FAST characters.

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