King Rasta Mon
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King Rasta Mon, known as "Missing IQ Gomes" in Japan, lived peacefully in the mountains of the Dominican Republic, until he was discovered and his athletic ability was evaluated. He then trained under martial arts master Matthew Ainsworth. Soon afterwards, he debuted as a wrestler. Rasta is usually tranquil, but when he enters the ring, his instincts take over and he goes wild. Since he knows very little human language, he studies it by watching cartoons. Rasta has an unusually intelligent simian companion named Freak who arranges his matches. He now lives in Venice Beach, California. He stands 6'6" and weighs 331 lbs.

Freak is Rasta's ape companion. The two grew up together in the jungles of Santo Domingo, and it is said that they have a brotherly bond. With an IQ exceeding 200, Freak has a much better grasp of human speech than his cohort. Freak's role appears to be that of an assistant, seeing as how he helps organize (and occasionally partakes in) Rasta's matches. It has been said that Rasta is one of the few wrestlers to have beaten Victor Ortega, due to Freak's interference in the match.



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