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Juri was abandoned as a young child, and cast out because of her weaknesses. She learned to live on the streets as a bandit. She used what she stole to attempt to make a normal life for herself, but was cast away by the man she loved for a woman more beautiful than her. After that, she trained herself, becoming stronger and more beautiful. She was determined to become the strongest and most beautiful woman in the galaxy. She learned about Felden's coming and set out to meet him. She wants to prove herself.


Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors





Page Updated:  Aug. 3rd, 2023

Did you know that Juri Han wasn't the first Juri in the fighting game universe? It was actually this punk rock / bandit space chick. Her design is pretty basic and perhaps forgettable, but she's got a somewhat cool 80s / punk thing going on. She looks like a typical female character from some futuristic anime. I kinda like her poofy hair.

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