Gunloc (known as "Lucky Colt" in Japan) is a main character from Saturday Night Slam Masters and the sequel Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II. Nicknamed the "Florida Wild Horse", Gunloc grew as a street fighter in the slums. He was born in Miami Beach, Florida. He stands 6'4" and weighs 276 lbs. He likes popcorn.

He trained under Mike Haggar along with his friend, rival and fellow wrestler Biff Slamkovich, and they became famous CWA wrestlers. Gunloc once tried to put the moves on Mike's daughter Jessica, but after she ignored him, Cody Travers got into a fight with him for it. He later did it again, and Haggar was not amused by this, which caused them to get into a fight.

In contrast to Biff's disposition, Gunloc is quick to anger. This berserker style of wrestling has cost him a couple of victories in the ring. Gunloc has yet to make an appearance in the mainline Street Fighter games, but a character relations chart in Street Fighter V: A Visionary Book lists him as part of the CWA alongside Biff.

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Page Updated:  Apr. 7th, 2023

Visually, Gunloc reminds me of Alex Wright from 90s WCW. The German guy! (An underrated wreslter by the way, and sick dance moves!) Out of all the wrestlers in Saturday Night Slam Masters, I think Gunloc has one of the coolest stances. He looks well-balanced and poised, ready to outwrestle a lesser-skilled opponent. His hair (especially his 2D sprite) also looks a bit like Guile's, which is a plus really. He's also from my home state of Florida, so I guess he'd have to be my main if I played this game.

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