El Stingray


El Stingray (known as "El Stinger" in Japan) is a diminutive masked wrestler whose speed is unparalleled. He hails from Acapulco, Mexico, standing 5'6" and weighing 163 lbs. He's proud of his midair assault techniques and feels the most alive while performing aerial attacks before an audience. El Stingray is involved in an almost constant rivalry with The Great Oni, who uses a similar flashy wrestling style. El Stingray likes ladies and being macho.


Saturday Night Slam Masters





Page Updated:  Apr. 7th, 2023

REEEEY MYSTEEERIOOO! El Stingray is basically an early El Fuerte. Some people might not realize that Capcom created a luchador in a fighting game BEFORE El Fuerte made his debut in Street Fighter 4. Stingray is a bit more generic on all fronts, expectedly, but he still represented Lucha in Saturday Night Slam Masters fairly well.

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