Alexander The Grater


Alexander the Grater, known as Sheep the Royal in Japan, is a character from the Slam Masters series. He stands 6'6" and weighs 359 lbs. Alexander the Grater is a CWA wrestler. In Australia, he was a member of the national rugby team. When he came to America, he participated in the American version of the sport, American football, gaining some fame before his violent behavior got him kicked out. Afterwards, he took up wrestling. His nickname is intended to fool opponents into thinking that he isn't capable of killing them. His unique attack skill is the spike DDT.

His name is a wordplay on Alexander The Great, and he is modeled after the late professional wrestler Big Van Vader. His Japanese name, Sheep the Royal, may be a nod to The Sheepherders, the original gimmick of Butch Miller and Luke Williams, known to most American wrestling fans as The Bushwhackers, who are from New Zealand.


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Page Updated:  Apr. 7th, 2023

Big Van Vader is a legend and one of my favorite old school professional wrestlers! The man has two fighting game characters based off of him... Fatal Fury's Big Bear being the first, and Alexander the Grater (sounds like Vader) being the second. It's not surprising either, since Vader (real name Leon Allen White) wrestled a lot in Japan in the early 90s. Looks like some of his fans in the crowd ended up being fighting game devs! IT'S..... VADER.. TIME!

FUN FACT: The metal helmet with horns seen in one of Alexander's artworks (abov)e is directly inspired by Big Van Vader's own monster-elephant-looking metal helmet that he wore to the ring in Japan many times.

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