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Erika Wagner
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Erika Wagner Miyashiro is a high-ranking member of the Licht Kreis who's more commonly known as the The Crimson Knight. Erika comes from a family which has served the Licht Kreis for centuries. They dedicate themselves as the "blades" which exterminate the enemies of the organization. During the Hollow Night, she wears a customized Licht Kreis uniform and covers it with a long red cape. In addition to the cape, Erika also covers herself with a mask.

The Wagner family is very famous and influential thanks to their contributions to the Licht Kreis. That's why Erika usually hides her real surname and acts as Erika Miyashiro to evade any trouble. Miyashiro is her mother's old surname. Erika is known as the Void Hunter because she hunts Voids with a burning passion. During daytime, Erika attends a school along with her attendants.

Orie mentioned that Erika was quite a problematic member within the Licht Kreis. She killed off one of Gordeau's friends and now is targeted by the members of Amnesia, like Hilda and Chaos. She has also killed some of her own members as well, like the previous "Third Executor"... but no one knows about her motives.

Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st]

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Under Night In-Birth II [Sys:Celes]


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