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Verse is the final boss of The King of Fighters XIV. He is an evil presence that is sensed across time and space, various fighters during the tournament join to stop him. Within his being, he traps the souls of fighters from the part tournaments such as Orochi and Ash. When he is defeated, these souls are released and return to their former bodies and triggers a world-wide search for the remaining revived warriors.


The King of Fighters XIV




Page Updated:  Sept. 29th, 2016

SNK Boss Syndrome here we go..... -__- TBH, Antonov is the type of boss I like to see in KOF, or any fighting game for that matter. Charismatic... slightly evil... with some clever comic relief thrown in, and someone who LOOKS like they can kick some ass.

On the other hand, Verse is a clusterf*ck of something from an anime I don't watch... or something. He looks like a cheap Mortal Kombat boss design from the early/mid 2000's era... and I don't like him. SNK's philosophy of "making everyone really hate the boss character" is a tradition that should've been dead 10 years ago. But sadly, we still have to deal with assholes like Verse. I found a strategy to beat him rather easily... so it's not that he frustrates me in gameplay sense (well, he does a little). Verse is just a "meh" design that isn't very exciting. Antonov, I'm promoting you to KOF14 "REAL BOSS". The end. 

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