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Ryan Choi is the fourth super-hero to call himself the Atom, an Asian-American physics professor with the ability to shrink himself to subatomic levels. The protégé and later partner of his predecessor Ray Palmer, he was born in Hong Kong although later began teaching at Ivy University. He has been involved with the Justice League, Lighter Than Air Society and Challengers from Beyond. Ryan Choi was created by Grant Morrison and Gail Simone using a costume designed by Gil Kane, first appearing in Brave New World #1.
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Injustice 2

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Page Updated:  June 14th, 2018

I had never even heard of The Atom until Injustice 2... obviously, I'm not much of a DC fan (or a fan of obscure and unsuccessful comics characters). Since I don't know much about him from the comics, I'll judge his appearance in Injustice 2, as a fighting game character. You know, my usual thing.

Part of the reason I love fighting games is for the love of the animation, especially fighting animations. Actual fighting... something The Atom does not do. So, he turns into a little spec and moves around onscreen... okay, NetherRealm, you get some originality points. You  also get laziness points. Have you seen The Atom's animations in Injustice 2? This character took a whole 10 minutes to animate, because he doesn't do much, at all. He doesn't have any actual fighting animation. Turning himself into a glorified mouse curser doesn't impress me as a video game player or fighting game player. Other than that, he looks kinda cool in the game, I guess... but as a fighting game character? Meh. Especially meh since he's paid DLC. 

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