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Tamaki first appeared in the DOA Xtreme: Venus Vacation spin-off title. She debuted in Season 4 of Dead or Alive 6 as a playable character. Tamaki is an alluring woman who has seen success as a model and a fashion designer. Tamaki’s natural talent is also apparent in her Aikido skills, which she began as a means of self-defense but has advanced to a master level despite her young age. One day, she receives an invitation to “Venuses' Fighting Competition”, which happens to be the DOA Tournament. A mischievous smile appears across Tamaki’s face at this chance to encounter new "beauty".


Dead or Alive 6 (Season 4)





Page Updated:  July 21st, 2021

My first thoughts? Aoi Umenokouji from Virtua Fighter. Apparently we can't have nice things like a full "DOA VS Virtua Fighter" game, but I guess this will do for now? I dunno. She's a DOA girl, after all... and she's from the spin-off game. And she's the main feature of a $90 Season Pass. She's an expensive girl. lol. Interesting times we live in. (Fun Fact: She costs $7.99 as standalone DLC)

Interestingly, Tamaki borrows some well-known moves from TEKKEN's Jun Kazama and Asuka Kazama. Overall, Tamaki seems like a step in the right direction for DOA6, but I'm not sure she's enough to save the game from other recent problems.

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