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The final boss of Samurai Shodown (2019), Shizuka was once a kind woman until her tragic death lead her in a dark area of purgatory until an evil aura consume her to unleash its power upon Japan. Shizuka is based on the historical Shizuka Gozen, a famous 12th century court dancer who was the mistress of Minamoto no Yoshitsune and became the subject of several different folktales. Her relationship with Yoshitsune ties her to the ancestral origins of Yashamaru Kurama.


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Page Updated:  Dec. 30th, 2020

I haven't seen SNK (or any fighting game developers for that matter) put so much work into a fighting game boss in quite some time. The way Shizuka is presented in Samurai Shodown 2019's story mode, in the way of several cutscenes, is a cool throwback to the early days of the series and builds some suspense before arriving at the boss fight. Still a cool effect all these decades later.

I think Shizuka is a pretty great boss for Samurai Shodown. SNK did this one right. Her design is ornate, sexy, and equally menacing. While she's a strong boss, the SNK Boss Syndrome isn't as strong with Shizuka as past SNK bosses (but she's a beast when the difficulty level is set to MAX. Yikes!). Overall, it's cool to see fighting game developers still care about creating a cool and fun boss to play against.

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