Tobikage no Saizo


Saizo is a ninja from Japan seeking revenge against Huang Bai-Hu for slaughtering his clan. He uses fire-based and animal-based special attacks. He's the only new character who appears in Breakers Revenge.

Fun Fact: His alternate name (when both players choose him) is Yukikage. Apparently, it is uncertain whether Yukukage is a real ninja or just a fanatic dressing like one.


Breakers Revenge





Page Updated:  May 22nd, 2016

Saizo probably wins the award of "coolest character in Breakers Revenge" rather easily (not saying much, but hey). As the "newest" character in the game, debuting in 1998, he seems to pack the most punch with his moveset and animations. Originality-wise... he's not that special. He definitely wants to be like Jago (with those circular sword strikes).  Hanzou from World Heroes also says hi, and wants his hair back. While we're on the topic of hair, I will give Saizo some credit for that ridiculous hair attack he has (see animations page below). Hey, if you're going to steal something, at least use it well... lol. 

While Saizo's sprite looks pretty good, poor Saizo got stuck with atrocious fire effects and crappy sketchy-looking animal friends during his super move. And yes, that really does count negatively towards his overall design. :(

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