Pielle Montario


Pielle is an Italian nobleman and fencer. With his word he can harness the power of lightning. In the 1994 prototype of Breakers, titled Crystal Legacy, his name was spelled as Pierre Montalio.

Fun Fact: Pielle's alter-ego (when both players choose him) is known as George. George is a Frenchman who was once robbed during a trip to Italy and has harbored a hatred for Italians ever since.




Breakers Revenge


Page Updated:  Mar. 22nd, 2022

Pielle reminds me of Westley from The Princess Bride. I'm confused... is he actually French or Italian? It's funny because he's Italian by default, but his 2P costume "George" is French. I'm confused.

Pielle's design is laughably bad... and also  kinda laughably good in some ways. His moveset and attack animations are actually halfway entertaining and kinda well done. His embarrassingly awkward voice somehow "adds something" to his plain, stereotypical outfit. On a side note, did he really steal Charlotte's anti-air move? lol. Come up with your own moves, bruh.

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