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Mira Fallegeros
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A former member of the Night Guard, Mira Fallegeros is Maya's fraternal twin sister. The two grew up together and under their father's tutelage became the Night Guard's best team of hunters. On a mission to kill a group of vampires in the Siberian Mountains, Mira sacrifices herself to save Maya and seemingly perishes, but the vampires find her and convert her into one of their own. Corrupting her and granting her a pair of gauntlets that allow her to tap into her newfound powers.

FUN FACT: Another vampire character was originally created for Killer Instinct 2, but the character was scrapped late into development. The name "Vampire" can still be found in the game's files. The vampire's stage theme, Bloodlust, however, was salvaged and made into the theme of Count Batula in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Killer Instinct (Season 3)





Page Updated:  June 6th, 2019

I enjoy vampire designs and gothic things very much... but Mira is pretty boring. She seems like a "safe" design for Killer Instinct, and one that would naturally fit in with the rest of the cast. That's all true, especially since KI2 was supposed to have a vampire character. Too bad her outfit looks like a jumbled up arrangement of  armor... basically your main character in any random Dungeon Crawler or Open-World RPG. lol. Mira's face rendering also doesn't look right, and the way she walks during her intro is just so video-game-ish and doesn't look real. 

Some of her moves and animations are fairly well done (while others are just bleh),... but there's nothing "WOW" about her design. A better appearance would've made up for her average moveset, and a better moveset would've made up for her subpar appearance. She's nearly too generic to be a random beat-em-up game baddie. Her retro costume is almost better than her default, but that hair is too ridiculous and way too "DBZ" for a vampire.

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