Sheik Maherl


Shiek Maherl is a stocky Arabian man who fights with a scimitar and uses fire projectiles. He can also inflate himself like a balloon and summon a genie. In the 1994 prototype of Breakers, titled Crystal Legacy, he was known as Sahl Mahal.

Fun Fact: Maherl's alter-ego in Breakers (when two players choose the same character) is named Javar. Javar is a cheerful butcher who uses his butchering blade as his weapon.




Breakers Revenge


Page Updated:  May 24th, 2016

Before I say anything about this guy... when I see his name, all I see is MAHVEL. MAHVEL MAHVEL MAHVEL... WHEN'S MAHVEL. Anyhow, Maherl is a very generic, stereotypical Arabian design. He looks like one of the dudes that chased Aladdin down the alleys (possibly the actual inspiration behind his design). His moveset has some fairly decent elements to it... and his genie-friend is kinda cool, though very much a rip-off of Jafar... again, from Aladdin. Overall, he's a bit awkward and generic for obvious reasons, but not the worst character from one of the many SF2 rip-off fighting games of the 90's.

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