Lee Dao-Long
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Lee Dao-Long is a young Korean fighter who studies a Chinese martial art called the "Empty Fist." He is Sho Kamui's rival and senior. 



Breakers Revenge


Page Updated:  Mar. 22nd, 2022

Lee Dao-Long might be the most original and best looking "fighter" in Breakers Revenge (and no that's really not saying much, but take the compliment Dao-Long). He takes some obvious inspiration from Bruce Lee (or Fei Long if you will), but his other special moves are mostly unique. I like his super move with his "upside-down kicks"... cool move for sure. His dragon fireball (and super dragon fireball) are also good-looking moves. Dao-Long is one of the few characters that actually add some "martial arts legitimacy" to the Breakers roster. Appearance-wise, he's very generic however.

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