From the northern province of Crystal comes Keel, an elf warrior determined to destroy all who oppose him. He is known throughout the provinces by many names: "Keel the Mad," "The Lancer," and "Stinging Ice" are among them. Those who travel across the tundra do so only in large numbers, for it is said Keel haunts the roads looking for prey.

His own clan has tried unsuccessfully to get rid of him, the last time by encasing him in ice. He should have perished, but after Death Adder's revival, Keel disappeared. Keel has always been ambitious, and several elves remember him vowing to one day become ruler of Crystal. Only now do they fear it's possible, specially if he obtains the Golden Axe.


Golden Axe: The Duel




Page Updated:  May 15th, 2016

Oh hi Legolaaa.... eeee what is with this guy's face? Of course a game set in a similar world to Lord of the Rings needs a solid elf character. As a pretty boy villain, you might call him "The Vega" of Golden Axe: The Duel. He even has some similar battle cries to Vega.

Unfortunately, Keel could easily be called a sleeper character in The Duel when compared to others. His attire, moveset, animations, and personality all seem to come up a bit short. His water-teleport move is probably the best thing he has going, but his other specials severely lack originality. "Ice Storm" super move is anticlimactic as well. Last but not least, an elf should have a cool / fancy name. What the hell kind of name is Keel? :p

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