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Eltnum is a character originally known as "Sion Eltnam Altasia" in the Melty Blood series. Her UNIEL story is as follows: A mysterious girl who is said to have saved a city from a dark vampire, once upon a time... At least, in appearance. Aside from the fact that she calls herself "Eltnum", no one knows anything about this character. She suddenly appeared in the dark night, and then returned to darkness equally as fast, earning her the title of "Drifter". The Night of a city, which she claims to be her territory. It has become her mission to educate the young rookies in the strict ways of her industry.
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Melty Blood

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Under Night In-Birth, Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late[st], Under Night In-Birth: EXE Late[cl-r], Under Night In-Birth II [Sys:Celes]


Page Updated:  Sep. 19th, 2023

Wow, can you believe it? I'm actually doing a review on a Melty Blood character! ^o^ Eltnum's in-game story in UNIEL is pretty damn hilarious. She shamelessly plugs Melty Blood and comments on random things like " how the stages are wider," and " guest characters in fighting games don't usually have stories". lmao. Clever stuff for fighting game lovers.

Visually, I'm unimpressed by Eltnum... she looks like she just threw on a bunch of random clothes from her closet to make an outfit. She's pretty much the definition of the "type" of anime character I overlook. This girl in a skirt does this, the other one does that... Eltnum has a gun and shoots it. And sometimes she kicks.  -___- Kinda bored. Anyhow, there must be a reason they put her in UNIEL. Her rope dart attacks in combination with her gun & ammo system do make her somewhat interesting, especially her combos. She's pretty much the Cable or Naoto of UNIEL. Other than that, I was much more impressed with other UNIEL character designs. Again, she's mostly there for Melty Blood fan service... which is quality fan service, after all.

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