Corrupted Shinnok


The final boss of Mortal Kombat X, "Corrupted" Shinnok came to be when Shinnok retrieving his amulet, enabling him to regain all his immense power befitting a fallen Elder God. When absorbing Earthrealm's life force, he turns into a demonic creature with immense power and the ability manipulate fire, as well as conjuring objects such as stones and bladed pillars.


Mortal Kombat X



Page Updated:  Oct. 3rd, 2015

Outside of the originals like Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn & Shinnok... the MK series had its fair share of flubs in terms of bosses (IMO). That said, I think Corrupted Shinnok is the best-designed "new" MK boss in a long while. He's sinister-looking as hell (literally), and has an impressive amount of unique attacks. Solid fighting game boss design.

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