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Cassie Cage
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Cassie Cage is the daughter of Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage. Some time after the Netherrealm War, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade got married and had a daughter, Cassie. Due to Sonya's obsession in her work and not spending enough time with her family, however, Johnny divorced Sonya, much to Cassie's sadness. In her youth, Cassie acted somewhat spoiled, but changed after becoming involved in her family's legacy when she was kidnapped by the Black Dragon. 

Trained by both of her parents and now a sergeant, Cassie is a skilled fighter serving in the Special Forces. Cassie leads her own team to protect Earthrealm as she tries to live up to her parents' legacy.
On the surface, Cassie seems to have inherited her father's sharp wit, confidence and sass, though in her thoughts, Cassie harbors deep insecurities, fearing she might not be able to live up to her parents' legacy and expectations, especially her mother's. Similar to her father, Cassie has not mastered her shadow abilities, which she only discovered during her battle with Shinnok. Cassie proves to have a great sense of morals, as she tries to kill her enemies as humanely as possible. She is childhood friends with Jacqui Briggs, who is also part of the team she leads along with Kung Jin and Takeda Takahashi. Over time, Cassie becomes a better leader and more self confident with her friends' aid, proving she is a heroine in her own right.


Mortal Kombat X



Mortal Kombat 11

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Page Updated:  Sep. 8th, 2023

So when Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade aren't killing each other... they're having... kids? Gotta love the MK storyline. At first I was skeptical of how Cassie would turn out as a design, but she surpassed my expectations. Her somewhat "hybrid" fighting style favors both Johnny Cage & Sonya at times, but she has her fair share of unique attacks as well. However, her gun holster placement on her back (though it looks kinda cool) is hilariously awkward and unpractical. 

I thought the infamous MKX "man-face" plague would strike again, but they actually fixed her facial rendering after the early playable version of MKX... and she looks... pretty good. Congrats NetherRealm, you finally got a female character (mostly) right. In Mortal Kombat 11, Cassie looks a lot better and got quite the personality upgrade - not to mention some insane new moves. 

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