Zenia Valov


Taciturn and quiet, Zenia's facial expressions rarely change, but she assess every situation with a cool head. She lost all of her memories when she was young, and was in the care of an orphanage in Moscow before she knew it. After that, she joined a team of Spirit Investigators and received training at a young age. When the organization was cutting back on personnel, she took the opportunity to leave and become a Freelance Spirit Specialist and traveled the world. She only lives for her next job, but a well of nostalgic feelings swell up in her whenever she takes a bite into a cookie. Her Arcana is Almacia (Ice), a globetrotting penguin which became a higher being after years of experiences. In one of her endings, it is revealed that her real name is Elfriede Achenbach, and that she is Liselotte's sister.


Arcana Heart 2



Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi!, Arcana Heart 3

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Page Updated:  July 7th, 2013

Zenia is one of the few "badasses" of the Arcana Heart series. Her stern, cold appearance and punch-heavy fighting style go well together. As a boxer, she's got some hard-hitting attacks and special moves... possibly the hardest-hitting in the game (and "ouch factor" is indeed something the series is short on). Her outfit has its cool moments, but I think it has its awkward areas, too. I'm really not sure about that skirt-underwear looking thing she's wearing. Without that trench coat, she's look really strange... lol. However, Zenia is a solid addition to the roster overall and a fun character to use.

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