Zelkin Fiskekrogen
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Zelkin is a warrior of the bird people of Krondyke. An old rival of Hayato, he works for the 4th Empire but helps them defeat Bilstein for his own reasons. After a final duel with Hayato, he gives him a feather from his head as a token of respect.


Star Gladiator


Plasma Sword


Page Updated:  June 19th, 2014

Zelkin is yet another bizarre, yet somewhat interesting Star Gladiator design... in that sense, I suppose he fits in with the roster. I don't know of many "bird men" characters, so he's also somewhat original. Although, I do remember the He-Man series having a few "bird" inspired people. lol. He also kinda reminds me of a character from Battle Beasts (which I loved as a kid).

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