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Young Joseph Joestar
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The younger version of Joseph Joestar, he is the protagonist and hero of Part II: Battle Tendency. Against all odds he took down the Pillar Men with his quick wit and tenacity. He also plays a significant role in Parts III and IV. He is the only character in the later part of the series who does not have a Stand.
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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

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Page Updated:  July 1st, 2019

I connect with this JoJo character because my childhood name was Frankie Joe. (Real name Joseph.) As a kid, my hair definitely looked like Joseph's. lol. I never cared much for this design at first, but after reading a bit of Part 2 and then watching the anime, it's hard not to somewhat like the bloke. His quirk where he predicts what his opponents are going to say is pretty funny stuff. Joseph Joestar is a perfect example of the "quirkiness" of the JJBA series... while still somehow managing to be cool / mix in some Bruce Lee style martial arts. How did Joseph get so good at fighting anyway? I think I missed that part of the story. :/

Worth noting, Joseph is kind of a jerk... especially when he was such a jerk to Suzie Q after she was injured. That's messed up. Ironic they got married later on. That's how I can't relate to the character, because I always treat & respect women way better than JoJo here. In any case, he's still funny for being a jerk at times. His older version in Part 3 somewhat made up for his being a doofus in his younger years. Finally, his JJBA: All-Star Battle incarnation was pretty damn great and had godlike animations.

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