Yoko Kishibojin
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Yoko's father, Koji, is an explorer who teaches archaeology, and her mother is an expert in Kishiboujin ryu Jyujutsu. At age 10, her parents divorced, leaving her to be raised solely by her mother. Although still in high school, her talents in Jyujutsu have been acknowledged by the ICPO (Interpol) which enable her to participate in their hand to hand combat research team. One day, she received a letter from her estranged father, entrusting her to carry out the duties necessary to acquire EHRGEIZ. In addition to this, she has been ordered by the ICPO to enter the tournament to investigate suspicious activities surrounding EHRGEIZ.
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Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring




Page Updated:  June 12th, 2019

Much of the Ehrgeiz cast was inspired by characters from Tekken... and Yoko is no exception, as she seems to be loosely based on Ling Xiaoyu in terms of looks. Hmm... if Xiaoyu ever joined Lei Wulong's Hong Kong police force, we might have a separated at birth here. ;) Yoko has a fairly entertaining fighting style and as the "token Asian chick" of Ehrgeiz, she's a pretty cool character in the game. 

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