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Vanilla Ice is named after the rapper of the same name. He is Dio Brando's most loyal henchman. He uses the Cream Stand, which is capable of creating an invisible, spherical void by devouring itself and Vanilla, much like an ouroboros. Vanilla can control the sphere, which is capable of free flight. If any part of an object or being touches the sphere, that part is irrevocably gone, sucked into the void, vaporized. Unfortunately he is unable to see or hear anything inside the void, so he has to at least partially come out to check the exterior.

He proves his loyalty to Dio by cutting his own head off, so Dio would drink his blood. Dio repays him by resurrecting him into a vampire using his own blood. In the game, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure his name is changed to Iced; losing the pun of Vanilla Ice Cream as well as to avoid a possible lawsuit from the rapper of the same name.
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Page Updated:  May 31st, 2019

With a name like that... how can he NOT be memorable! ^o^ Upon seeing his name, I'm immediately reminded of that atrocious overplayed rap song in the 90's (every time). I'm pretty sure the rapper Vanilla Ice himself has been to this profile looking for images of himself. Pretty sure.

Something about this Iced guy is cool right? His hair is pretty fabulous (can't argue that) and his stand is freakin' nuts (might be one of my favorite stands in the series). The obviously-weird thing is... he's wearing lots of pink, and giant hearts, and shorty-shorts... but clearly the dude works out. Apparently, he's manly enough to not be embarrassed dressing like a fruit loop... and seems to be proud of his cleanly-shaven legs. lol. You gotta almost respect him for his confidence. I don't know too much about this character storyline-wise, but I'll admit he's definitely a memorable and unique character in the games.

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