Urs Van de Land


Urs is a 17 year old knight, one of the Son's of Dyna, the legendary hero. With his father missing, he embarks on a journey to save the world. He fights with a unique weapon called the Basilisk. Marco is his younger brother.


Battle Fantasia





Page Updated:  Sept. 18th, 2019

Check out those Jin Kazama flame pants... heh heh. Urs is a interesting design. I gotta say I like his hot-headed personality and completely original chainsaw/motorbike weapon... (WTF is that thing?!?) His fighting style is equally original and he definitely "stands out" in Battle Fantasia as one of the most prominent heroes. His name (while original as well), is a bit odd... especially how the in-game announcer says it... Uuuuuurrrrrrs. Thanks to that wacky announcer, I can't look at Urs's name without hearing "Uuuuurrrrrrrs!" LMAO. 

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