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Tong Yoon Bulsook
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A former Muay Thai champion back in Thailand. While usually being a lone wolf, he's been recently getting involved with gang feuds, due to having fallen into hard times. Tong Yoon uses many elements in Muay Thai, such as the brutal knees, elbows, kicks and fists in their attacks. Tong Yoon uses several similar moves and animations to Tekken's Bruce Irvin. He is also loosely based on Tony Jaa's character Kham from The Protector aka: Warrior King. Also the name of the character Tong Yoon is similar to the original Thai name of the movie Tom-Yum-Goong.
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Urban Reign




Page Updated: May 16th, 2013

Tong Yoon represents Muay Thai in Urban Reign quite nicely. If you're a Tony Jaa fan, you'll definitely like Tong Yoon. His look is kinda simple, but I guess that's what the designers were going for. 

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