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Tekkaman Blade


His name is Takaya Aiba (Nick Carter), although he is more commonly referred to as Dangerous-Boy (D-Boy), a nickname Noal (Ringo) coins based on his recklessness and dangerous ideology. Originally on board the Argos when it was taken over by the aliens, Blade was freed by his father before the process of transformation could be completed, leaving him almost free from the Radam's (Venomoid's) influence. Blade swore to avenge the loss of his family and destroy Omega (Darkon) and the Radam (Venomoid).

Although one of the more powerful Tekkamen, Blade is disadvantaged by a number of factors: in a previous battle, Blade's crystal was shattered and he was no longer able to transform independently, having instead to rely on the robot Pegas; also, Blade cannot stay in his Tekkaman form for longer than 30 minutes, lest he regress into a primal state in which he becomes uncontrollable. 

The transformation process itself also puts a considerable strain on Blade's body, increasing his metabolism and, later in the series, threatening his life. These effects are aggravated further when he uses technology derived from a Radam (Venomoid) "Tek-System" plant to evolve into an advanced Blaster Tekkaman (Super Teknoman). This enhanced form is the next step in the alien evolution but, while extremely powerful, is not without its drawbacks: the most perilous one being that the Tekkaman (Teknoman) in question only has months to live upon upgrading and causes temporary blindness. 

In an ironic twist of fate, while Blade faked an amnesia early on in the series so as to avoid having to talk about what happened to his family, the Blaster Tekkaman (Super Teknoman) evolution causes him to truly develop amnesia, with him losing memories important to him on a regular basis. First he forgets his time spent with the Space Knights, then later Miyuki's (Shara's) favourite flower and other important memories; in one episode, he completely forgets that his crystal was destroyed by Dagger, and that he needs to use Pegas to transform into Blade now.
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Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

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Page Updated:  June 6th, 2019

Is his name seriously Nick Carter? I'm not even gonna go there. Too easy of a joke. Anyway... yeah, Tekkeman Blade is obviously a lot cooler than the original Tekkaman. I'm not surprised they tried to "remake" the original character. Tekkaman Blade reminds me a lot of a Gundam... and if you're into that sorta thing, it would be natural to like this design and think he's badass.

Even if you're not into badass Japanese "robot" designs... Tekkaman Blade made a really cool fighting game character in the sequel to Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom. His fighting style is crazy dynamic and he actually might be too powerful for the game (from a design standpoint). lol. I don't know much about him outside of TVC, but Tekkaman Blade gets a thumbs up from me. I'm glad he lost the rainbows.

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