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 Shura made her first and only fighting game appearance in SoulCalibur IV. She was designed by Hiroya Oku of Gantz fame. Shura uses Cervantes's fighting style. The woman was simply a killer, one who had never tasted satisfaction. She eventually began to destroy evil spirits to keep things challenging. She slayed many of them until one day she became possessed by one. But even then, she did not stop killing. She continued her aggressive way of life, until the world was calling her "Shura", meaning "Bloodshed". Shura uses a dual katana fighting style, but actually wields 4 swords on her body. Whether or not she uses all 4 swords during battle is unknown.

The spirit that had possessed her was in search of a powerful body so that it could return from the dead. As for the woman, she simply wanted someone worth killing. Together, they transformed from one strong warrior to an even stronger warrior. The spirit still searches for a perfect body, with the woman still looking for someone strong enough to satisfy her.


Soul Calibur 4


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Page Updated:  Jan. 4th, 2021

Shura's traditional "double Katana" would have been a unique weapon style to the series. (When she was first revealed, I was thinking Leonardo from Ninja Turtles.) Unfortunately, Shura simply borrows Cervantes's moveset. :/ Some of the evil pirate's moveset doesn't quite match Shura's visual design or make much sense.

However, it was cool that Namco had several guest designers create characters in SC4. (Shura was designed by Hiroya Oku.) Though her default outfit is a bit skimpy in certain areas, I think Shura's visual design is pretty cool and she fits the series almost perfectly. To state the obvious, Shura deserved her own unique fighting style. Overall, a wasted opportunity.

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