Rook Castle
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As a child, Rook had witnessed the first Toshinden tournament and was inspired to join a school of kung fu. He eventually started challenging street fighters and among them was a young ninja woman named Miyabi. Although he lost, he developed an attraction to her. Rook then decided to enter the fourth Toshinden tournament with Subaru Shinjo and Naru Amoh, hoping to meet Miyabi again and also to have a chance at testing his skills against his idol, Eiji Shinjo.


Battle Arena Toshinden 4






Page Updated:  June 15th, 2020

Rook Castle? I play chess, dude... I see what you did there. Anyway, this Bruce Lee-inspired, spiky-haired guy is a design that seems to work for Toshinden. The series hadn't really done a Bruce Lee character yet, so they were long overdue anyway. lol.

Rook's outfit is a pretty cool twist on Bruce Lee's famous track suit. His pasty Easter green hair kind of throws it off though... (Seriously, what's with Toshinden characters and GREEN hair?). The designers must think green matches with everything. lol. Anyhow, Rook has some semi-decent nunchaku moves in the game, but a far shot from the likes of Maxi. He could've been a more interesting design overall, but he only appeared in one game... so Rook never got a chance to develop further. In any case, I like his design aesthetically and his official character artwork, as usual, is really cool.

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