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Raoh, also known by his alias Ken-Oh, is one of the inheritors and practitioners of Hokuto Shinken. Unlike his brother Toki, who used his fist to heal the sick, or Kenshiro, who used his fist to protect the innocent, Raoh chose to become the most powerful martial artist of all time, and used his fist to become a mighty conqueror of the wasteland, subduing all people in his wake.

Raoh is among the most fearsome combatants the wasteland has ever seen. He is rivalled only by Kenshiro, Toki (at his peak health), and Kaioh (whom prophecy claimed Raoh would ultimately defeat). He also avoided conflict with Souther, but only due to the mystery of his immunity to Hokuto Shinken, and was said to be stronger than him otherwise. Raoh led a campaign of ruthless and cruel conquest across the planet, not seeking to install a functioning society or caring about the well being of his subjects, but only spreading his reign for the ability grow more powerful. He was so ambitious that he claimed to rival even the gods themselves in power.



Hokuto No Ken

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