Puella Marionette
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When Puella was an infant, while praying at the altar of her religious orphanage's church, an angel-like woman appeared and gave her a bow. It turned out to be the Suzaku bow, one of the Four Sacred Arms. A while later, the Gerard Foundation learned of her weapon and attacked her orphanage. However, she managed to drive off the intruders. Ever since, though, it seemed that her presence was an inconvenience and a danger to the orphanage. When she turned sixteen, Puella left on a journey to the fourth Toshinden tournament, with Fen Barefoot and her internet friend Lancelot Lakeknight.

Battle Arena Toshinden 4


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Page Updated:  June 16th, 2020

Lady Icarus? I dunno, this character design just doesn't fit into Toshinden if you ask me. Puella is a sort of magic user with some really really strange attacks. It's difficult to even tell what the hell she's doing in some of her special moves. Along with the typical "girly" attacks, she also has a move where she jumps to the side and lands on her stomach (for no apparent reason?). That's probably the weirdest "sidestep" technique I've ever seen.

The Toshinden has had its fair share of cutesy anime girls, I guess... so it's not that surprising to see another random design like this in the series. In my opinion, her default outfit and style isn't very memorable, nor does it represent the series all that well. I actually like some of her alternate costume concepts (below) a bit better than her final design. Toss this chick in with the Arcana Heart cast and she'd fit right in. lol.

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