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Mei-Fang is a Chinese-made humanoid robot, created by Professor Mei Ling Hua, a colleague of Kira Daidohji. Mei-Fang is a marvel of Elemental Science. Professor Mei Ling Hua engineered Mei-Fang's body out of a powerful Elemental substance known as "ether". Her bone structure is made of an ivory-ether frame, connected to an Elemental engine. She was programmed with 4,000 years' worth of Chinese recipes and a wide array of martial arts knowledge. Although Mei Ling Hua encoded her with a personality, she wishes Mei-Fang would smile a bit more often. After her creator mysteriously left for Tokyo, Mei-Fang left the laboratory in China to locate her. Her Arcana is Lang-Gong (Fire), a wolf that lived an extremely long life in Shangri-La and seeks further evolution.

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Arcana Heart

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Arcana Heart 2, Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi!, Arcana Heart 3

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Page Updated:  Sept. 27th, 2019

Mei-Fang is your trademark serious martial arts/kung fu chick that you'll find in any good fighting game. Not an extraordinary design, but she's easily one of the coolest from the Arcana Heart series. Her stance is a bit awkward, but she has a pretty cool moveset. So she's a robot huh? Aaahh, that explains why she doesn't have much personality. She could be summed up as  "a robotic, hentai version of Chun-Li"... lol.

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