Matlock Jade


Matlok is a punk rock guitarist who wants to create the best punk rock band in the world. He enters the Great Grapple tournament once he hears that "K" (Karnov) has a legendary bass, one that can play any song the player wishes, in his treasure vault. In Fighter's History: Dynamite, he enters the tournament with hopes to use the boss' riches finance his band's worldwide concert.


Fighter's History


Fighter's History Dynamite



Page Updated:  Sept. 3rd, 2022

PUNNNKKK ROOOCKKKK! Yeeea... uhhh... is there anything else to him? He's just a generic punk rock bro who happens to resemvle about 17 other mohawk-havin' baddies from random 2D beat-em-up games of the 90s. Matlok looks like he should flash and blink on the ground after a K.O... before he disappears. If they made him disappear after he got K.O'd in Fighter's History, I'd respect this design more. lol.

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