Kirian is a skilled torero who met Charlotte Colde after one of his bullfighting events. He becomes intrigued by her when their encounter is interrupted by a hired man after her life. He then decides to follow her, wanting to see for himself why she was assaulted. Kirian is a narcissist and a charismatic slacker in his personal life. He searches things for things that are beautiful to counteract the disappointment he feels with his life.


Samurai Shodown Sen




Page Updated:  March 16th, 2014

Kirian is a naturally cool rival for Samurai Shodown veteran, Charlotte. He has a cool look about him and seems to fit in with the cast. Sadly, like most Samuria Shodown Sen characters, there isn't a whole lot going on with his fighting style. He's got a few cool moves with that rapier... but he's far from Raphael in terms of fluidity and skill. Indeed, Soul Calibur's Raphael (in any version of Soul Calibur) makes Kirian look pretty stiff.

On the bright side, I could see Kirian having some potential if he was fleshed out a bit more. He's got some personality at least.

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