He is the leader to his band of an honorable viking group who sail the seas looking for adventure and treasure. Many years prior to the game, his wife, Agnes, left on a trip to another country and never returned home. Hearing that a woman resembling her was found somewhere in Japan, he departs with his comrades to look for her. In his ending, he doesn't find her yet hasn't lost hope that she is still out there.


Samurai Shodown Sen




Page Updated:  March 16th, 2014

Did somebody say GENERIC VIKING DESIGN 101? Falling in line with most of the new characters to debut in Samurai Shodown Sen, Garros is another "typical" warrior design. "Hey guys, let's put a viking in Samurai Shodown!" ..... 5 minutes later... "How does this look?" ... Aaaand that must've been the entire design process behind Garros.. -___-

His generic appearance could've been overlooked if he had an interesting fighting style... but in a nutshell, he fights pretty clunky and goofy. Definitely not the type of design I'd expect out of such a great series.

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