This era's "Incarnation of Darkness", known as the Scion of Ill Presage", Deathbringer obliterates his enemies with his large sword and strong armor. He is a character shrouded in mystery. FUN FACT: Death Adder is the main antagonist from the Golden Axe series. His father goes by the name "Death Bringer". (I wonder if that was an intentional reference by Arc System Works.)


Battle Fantasia




Page Updated:  May 15th, 2016

At first, judging by his official character artwork, I thought this guy would be a lot cooler. In-game, he's actually a rather stiff and somewhat boring boss character... His name also makes me laugh... Especially the way the announcer says it... Deathbringaaaaaaa. He can pretty much be written off as a Nightmare wannabe.

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