Dark Ash / Evil Ash
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Evil Ash, officially known as Blood Spiraling into Insanity Ash, is the final boss of King of Fighters XIII. He was initially referred to by fans as Dark Ash and is the fusion of Ash Crimson and Saiki. When Saiki is defeated, Ash attacks him from behind and absorbs his energy. This backfires as Saiki's influence takes over during the process and as a result the two fuse into a single entity.

Evil Ash battles the tournament winners and is defeated. Thwarted, Saiki moves Evil Ash to return to the past through the closing time portal but is held back when Ash assumes control of the body. Ignoring the pleas from his ancestor to allow him passage and warnings of the consequences, Ash decides to erase his own history and calmly waits for the portal to close. The portal closes, which creates a time paradox: as Saiki is now trapped in the present, it is impossible for Ash to have ever been born. Thus, Ash ceases to exist, taking Saiki with him.


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Page Updated:  June 28th, 2022

I was hoping Dark Ash would be a cool alternate version of Ash... I thought Ash needed something to stay interesting as a design. They could've "gothed out" his design and made a really cool alternate version of Ash, if they put a little more time into it... but as a visual design, Dark Ash Ash isn't much different from vanilla Ash. Palette swap FTW. 

And since he's a KOF boss... (you know what's coming)... he's also one cheap, full-screen double fireball-throwing asshole. He's retardedly difficult to beat. I usually try getting him into a corner and doing a cheap combo on him over and over. Anyway, yeah... I was hoping for better. :P 

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