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One of the bosses of Fighters History. He was only playable in Fighters History Dynamite. After a victory at Great Grapple, he founded "Clown's Circus." Though he became very popular in the circus scene, he made up his mind to go on a journey to meet an attractive male fighter and to become the world's strongest clown defeating Karnov.


Fighters History


Fighters History Dynamite


Page Updated:  Mar. 22nd, 2022

When I thought about the Fighters History character roster, Clown is one of the characters I think of first. You can't give the designers any creativity points on the dude's name, but as far as looks go... I suppose he's a fairly interesting design in some ways? His moveset isn't terrible and has its moments, but in general, Clown is a pretty generic and mostly forgettable design.

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