Clarice Di Lanza
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Clarice always has a composed personality and a smile on her face. She never fusses over trivial matters, she just enjoys the life he has. She used to be a high-noble from the Demon Realm, but she abandoned such a lavish life style and decided to live in the human world due to Felchenerow's influence (Lilica's Father). This still would not change the fact that she was a pure blooded demon though. After learning of her existence, the Western European Spirit Sector sent Elsa to fight Clarice to the death. In order to save Elsa's life, she imbued the power of the Punishment Arcana into her and took the power of the Sin Arcana. Her "Sin" arcana (Sorwat) resembles Heart's arcana. Clarice uses some kind of demon magic, pentagrams and summoning other demonic creatures when she is in battle.


Arcana Heart 2


Arcana Heart 2: Suggoi!, Arcana Heart 3

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Page Updated:  Mar. 17th, 2014

She's a mildly interesting-looking design, but also a pretty typical-looking one for one of those all-female anime style fighting games. Ohh, and her wings are totally a rip-off of Morrigan's... no originality points there. Is that supposed to be funny? ...Clever? :/ Meh. I say rip-off. Period.

Her fighting style is kinda what you'd expect out of an Arcana Heart character... a shit-ton of air dashing and other colorful random shit going on. She has some cool elements to her attacks, but nothing extraordinary in my book. In my opinion, she's not a  particularly interesting or exciting design from Arcana Heart... but not a terrible design either.

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